October 10, 2018

Doobie Brothers Concert...

Brynwood Needleworks/Donna Liljegren Image © 2018
Yesterday was my BFF, Lee's Birthday. To celebrate, we went to Milwaukee to the Riverside Theater to see The Doobie Brothers. It was a fabulous, fun concert, and we heard pieces they'd never before sung in public, along with their our old favorites.

Lee and I were joking that there sure were a lot of "old" people at the concert. (Of course, we were part of that demographic.) Truth is, everyone who attended likely feels just as young-at-heart as we do. The one thing that marked our "evolution" was that when the Doobies were first popular in the 70's, all of us were out dancing all night to their music. When I first saw them in concert (also with Lee about 15 years ago), we were still dancing. Last night, we were all singing along, but when I scanned across the audience, all of us were sitting in our seats - either rocking or bobbing our heads in time to the music (including me). Even so, every one of us loved the music last night, as much as when we were teenagers back in the 70's.

We picked up commemorative t-shirts, went to dinner afterward, and then drove back from Milwaukee, where I dropped Lee off to get her car. Then, we both headed home. I got back to the farm at 1:30, jabbered for a while with Steve, and then headed off to bed.

I think it was a perfect way for two girlfriends to celebrate a Birthday, and best of all, we now have a new memory of a fun time spent together...with The Doobie Brothers and a host of other fans, of course.

Happy Birthday, Dear Lee.
May you have many, many more happy days.

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