October 11, 2018

Fall Has Arrived At The Farm...

Liljegren's Hickory Hill Farm Barns

It's my favorite time of year, and the farm is getting dressed in its autumn finery. I thought you might enjoy just a few images of the fall beautiful colors.

Farmhouse Front Yard

We have a magnificent, huge, old maple tree in our front yard. The squirrels (and we) love this tree. It's canopy rises taller than our rooftop. He's a majestic, old man. We love that we can see the gorgeous orange leaves from our bed in the morning.

The View From Our Front Porch
This was our view yesterday, right after the rainstorms passed. The sun was shining, and the clouds that carry the rains moved away to the east. 
The view is stunning from our vantage point, and the best part is that the trees will continue to change as Mother Nature paints this view in the most wonderful shades of orange, brown, and yellow. Every day brings a new view...each more beautiful than the last. I hope you enjoy these as much as we do.


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laura dowdall said...

Beautiful pictures,my favourite time of the year too.The trees waring their beautiful Autumn ball gowns.Its lovely in the U.K. at the moment,warm sunny days ,we had a long hot summer and Autumn is being kind to us too.X

marcy ray said...

Your piece of heaven is wonderful! Thank you for sharing these photos. I am homesick for New England with tears in my eyes dear Donna. The wonder of your surroundings takes my breath away...…..thank you. So very pleased for you and your husband, and family.


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