September 13, 2017


Front Porch Bench

You may remember the sweet, hickory bench that Craig (Shelly's brother) gave us this summer. (I wrote about it HERE.) He made it just for us (for the farmhouse). I haven't stained or sealed it (yet). I'm still contemplating whether or not to leave it au natural.

I switched out the "Welcome" sign and moved it to the front entry, and then placed a few of my favorite things on it. The basil was a gift from our neighbor, Mary Jane, which I replanted into my rustic pot; Mom's ceramic squirrel and acorn; an enamel pan filled with tea towels ( the one in front  was embroidered by my blog friend, Shirley Kulak); and the iron and glass insulator were from Shelly. The floral arrangement hung on our "friends and family" door until I put up the one for fall.

Porch Alcove Wall

The bench, along with one of my grandfather's crocks and a rustic truck (from Andy), which I filled with hen and chicks (succulents) are well-suited to this spot. You may notice something else in this photograph, too, though. 

Family Plaque

Our Florida realtor, Mary Westbrook (with Coldwell Banker) became a good friend in the process of selling our southern home. Right after I arrived in Wisconsin in April, a package arrived for the farmhouse.

She purchased a Welcome plaque with our family name and wedding date on it. She wanted us to have something to put our name on the farmhouse, and what she chose was just perfect. We "installed" it on the alcove wall of the porch so it can be seen from our front yard.

We knew that Hickory Hill Farm would be our last home, and our grandchildren love this place as much as we do. This home will remain for them and their grandchildren long after we're gone, but until then, we'll be able to enjoy it together for a long, long time.

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I stitched a Brynwood Acorn Woolen Pincushion that was ordered through my website. I love making these, and they're limited edition (because the vintage charms I've had for about thirty years are no longer available). I also get to "needle dance" these flourishes as the spirit moves me, which makes each pincushion special. No two are exactly alike because I embellish each them with unique stitchery.  

This one is already in the post to its new home, but I'd love to make more of them. Perhaps one just for you?

I'm going to the farmer's market with Shelly today. I see canning tomatoes in my immediate future. I'm planning salsa and sauce, and perhaps some stewed tomatoes, as well. Don't worry, though. There's always time for more stitching.

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laura dowdall said...

Lovely pictures as always.I received my beautiful bag today Donna and I really love it.Thank you so much I will treasure it.To win one of your lovely creations is just amazing.xxxx

Createology said...

Such a welcoming alcove you have created with your new and old treasures. Craig's wooden bench is lovely au natural. You received such a thoughtful gift sign from your Florida agent and it looks perfect right where you placed it. I LOVE my Brynwood Acorn pincushion you stitched for me. Farmer's Market and time with Shelly will make for a lovely day dear. Perfect Camel Wednesday...<3


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