July 31, 2014

Benton County Quilt Block Trail...

 When we stopped at the Golden Pond Visitor Center in Land Between
the Lakes yesterday, I grabbed this brochure for the Benton County
Quilt Block Trail. Are you surprised that it might have caught my eye?

Camden, TN is the county seat of Benton County and it's located near
the shores of Kentucky Lake (an impoundment of the Tennessee River).
The Quilt Block Trail runs all through Benton County, Tennessee.
The idea came about when one of the people who would begin the effort, 
read an article published by the Tennessee Farm Bureau about barn quilts.

 A public meeting was held at the Benton County Library to see if there 
was any interest in a quilt trail within the county, hoping to get twenty 
participants. With a grant from the Tennessee River Resort District for 
materials, the project began in the spring of 2010. This brochure was 
printed in 2012, and at press time, there were over 122 quilt blocks listed 
from one end of the county to the other! I suspect there are even more now.
 The quilt blocks were painted on 4 x 4 wood boards by volunteers and location
owners after their favorite quilt blocks were chosen. There are no duplicates.
 I'm just pointing out a few of my favorite blocks. I had seen some
along our trip route, but that was before I saw the brochure and learned
about this large-scale effort. Although I didn't see the actual block, I 
like this 4-in-1 block for the Underground Railroad Codes.
 I also have an affinity for barns, so the "cow" blocks appealed to me.
 I'd love one with the oak leaves and acorns on it!
 Of course, "Fall Flight" with the goose, reminds me of autumn in
Wisconsin. I can just picture flights of geese over the Horicon Marsh.
 When we got to the south end of the Trace, at Dover, I managed
to get a photograph of one such block on the side of the Regions
Bank Building. This is outside the "range" for the trail, but I suspect
that others have caught the Quilt Block fever and joined in the fun.
 Right across the street from the bank was this block hanging
 from the local antique shop building. I really like the colors.

As I looked at all the blocks in the brochure, it occurred to me
that it might be a fun project to make a quilt using the same
blocks on the trail...all 122 of them. I'll put that on my "To Do List".
That will be for another day.

We stayed at Clanton, Alabama last night and will be in Perry,
Florida tonight. We'll be home tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it.

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Createology said...

This truly warms my heart. To see so many people honor our quilting heritage and share it with travelers and townspeople is really amazing. What a wonderful treasure you found when you made your road side trip stop. And I love love love barns! Too bad this Trail is so far from me. Happy Trails and Safe Travels...


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