July 25, 2014

Cuddling Over Sewing Any Day...

I certainly never expected this to happen!
Every year when I come to Wisconsin, I take a little drive over to Beaver Dam to
check out what's new at Nancy's Notions. I saw this and it was love at first sight. 
This is Babylock's Crescendo quilting/sewing machine. What caught my eye
was the wide open throat space to the right of the needle. With 11-1/4", there's
a lot of room to do my own quilting after the quilt tops have been pieced. 
This are the other features that made the Crescendo so appealing:
1) A Digital Dual-Feed Walking Foot System 
In addition to mounting like the other walking feet, this one also has 
a USB cable that attaches to the machine for precise fabric feeding.
2) A Laser Guide Beam for Sewing
The stylus connects to the computer for the sewing machine. It tells the
machine exactly where I want the needle and stitches positioned. The
pen designates stitch width, placement and stopping points on the fabric!
3) A Laser Guide Beam for Sewing
No need for vinyl guides or other tools attached to the machine. 
I can just follow the light beam to guide my stitches.
I went back to The Cloud and read through all the literature. (The Aria is 
the same machine without the Laser, Sensor Pen and large sewing table 
attachment, so I had some feature-for-feature/price comparing to do.) 
I returned to the campground to think about it. I talked with Handsome 
and decided to go back to get the Crescendo this week. (She's going to
need a new name, too. Anyone have any ideas they'd like to share?)
I love Miss Prissy (My Espire), but it's time for her to move to a new home. 
She's a hard worker and reliable, so I know she'll find a good home where 
she'll be appreciated and used more. (If anyone is interested in pricing and
more information, just send me an email through the link in my left sidebar.)
Otherwise, when we get home, I'll list up Miss Prissy and Evvie (my Evolve 
serger) for sale. I only really use Evvie at Christmastime when I'm making 
Grammies Jammies, and with all the specialty feet that come with her, I know 
 she could be used exclusively for sewing and quilting! (I actually know 
someone who only sews with a serger!) It's a shame for her to sit around 
most of the year when she could be serving someone else more often.
Miss Ellie will be staying here at Brynwood. She'll continue to sew and 
embroider for me and the Crescendo will be busy helping me make new quilts.
I decided to get acquainted with my new machine by making a new project.
These panels are the front and back of a great wooly sheep tool bag.
I finished the front and back yesterday, but I took break
and will assemble the pieces into a new tote bag today.
"Hey, Mom. Did you see that fuzzy thing lickin' on me?"
 I happily set my project aside to visit with this sweet, little guy again yesterday.
Tag was quite taken with him. He's never seen a tiny baby before, 
but I can tell you, he loved this one. He was very curious and gentle.
Mommy and baby came to the campground and we talked and cuddled away 
the rest of the day. I can't believe how much he's grown just since I saw him 
at the baptism! It was great spending just a little more time together before 
we get ready to go back to Florida. Our departure is just around the corner.
All in all, another wonderful day creating new memories in Wisconsin.

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Debra said...

What a great day you had in Beaver Dam- nice machine! Looks like Tag had a fun day too!

Anonymous said...

Time always passes twice as fast when you want it to move slowly to savor each moment. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

I love the new machine...if you come by way of MO you can leave your old one on my doorstep...I'm sure with all the knowledge and love you have poured into the old machine, it would make me a better seamstress.

Createology said...

Cuddling is such sweet rewards. Tag really is adorable. Your new machine is way beyond my understanding of computers and laser guided seams yet it sounds wonderful for you and your quilting journey. Always nice to upgrade and learn new technology that can enhance our projects. No help with a name...it will come when home and performing. Creative Sewing Bliss...cute Woolies.

Buttons said...

Well, Cressie of course! The Royal family may not have a Cressie, but you do! :)


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