July 23, 2014

Another Day With Mom...

Back: l-r Sis and Sonja Front: Mom and me ©2014
One of the blessings of our travels to Wisconsin is the time I can spend with
Mom. Every minute with her is a rekindling of our love and friendship.

Yesterday, Sis, our friend, Sonja and I "sprung" Mom out of the nursing home
and got her out into the fresh air. She appreciates the chance to visit and share
a meal outside the confines of "the home". We are always eager to accommodate.
Sis and Sonja
Sis and Sonja have been dear friends for many years. I met Sonja through Sis.
Our shared passion is needlework, and the two of them have spent many hours
together in their shared pursuit. I'm so glad to have seen Sonja again. She's lovely.
Sisters by choice
I first met Deb in 1973. She and I have been sisters in all ways all these years.
We laugh over shared memories, and what one has forgotten, the other remembers.
As we mature, it's comforting to know that we will always have each other...and
there are still so many new memories that we have yet to create together.
I am so grateful for every day God blesses me with Mom in my life.

We were all so afraid that we would have to say goodbye just a few short 
years ago, but Mom's strong spirit and the care of those who watch over her 
daily have given us the gift of time. Her eyes still sparkle when she tells a 
joke,  and she's always happy to share a few memories of her own with us. 

I'm blessed and honored to be her third daughter and for each new sunrise 
that shines on her beautiful face. I'll see her again before we leave here,
and I thank God, always, for another day with Mom.

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Sharon said...

I love these pictures of your friends, Donna. You are such a lovely lady!

Gloria M said...

Donna you touched my heart and made me shed a little tear on this one. Enjoy your Mom while you are there. I live in a different state from the rest of my family and I truly understand what those visits mean to you. Please make enough memories for the next year, I know little bits of them will be popping up in your posts in the coming future. Have a wonderful trip.

Createology said...

The gift of time is something we all need to cherish. Time with family and friends whom we love is...priceless. Make lots of wonderful memories my friend. Blessings...


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