July 15, 2014

A Preview Of Things To Come...

Selections from Primitive Gatherings Japanese Fabric Section
I thought you might enjoy seeing a few more goodies that I purchased when I was
out with Kathy last week. I can't tell you how I'm itching to bust into this new stash!

This assortment is from Primitive Gatherings. I'm completely taken with Yoko
Saito's gorgeous designs, so I planned to raid Lisa Bongean's selection of Japanese
fabrics at her shop. She certainly didn't fail to deliver, and I'm already planning just how
I'm going to utilize these (and other) stunning fabrics when we get back to Florida!
Primitive Gatherings Wool Charm Packs
I also needed specific fabrics from their wool assortments, and again, I wasn't
disappointed. Pam W. asked me to see if I could find some "greens" for her. The
hardest part was deciding which greens to take back. There were so many choices!
Yup. More Primitive Gatherings Fabrics.
I'm a firm believer that one can never have enough charm packs. Two new ones
will be returning with me to Florida. I simply couldn't leave them behind!
Carol G.: I checked out the "How Does Your Garden Grow BOM" as requested.
It's beautiful, and I think you'd love to do it. (I'm still contemplating adding it to
my list!) The colors are beautiful and I like that the blocks are a triangular shape.
Fabrics from Keep Me In Stitches, Appleton, WI
On occasion, quilters purchase fabrics simply because they walk past them on the shelf
and get the proverbial tap on the shoulder. We hear those time-worn words, "Please
 take me home with you". Even when spoken slightly above a whisper, we find that we
must comply. While I'm sharing three such fabrics, here, believe me, there. were. more.

I feel I should tell you at this point, that every year that Kathy and I have taken 
a day to "hop the shops",  I have a special tote that I take with me. I'm usually 
finished shopping when it is full. (This year, the Japanese fabrics put me over 
my limit...but only slightly. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!) 
FYI: My "tote" is a genuine Nantucket Diddy Bagg™. It's the same style and
fabric weight that the sailors use, not the lighter canvas version they now market to 
needleworkers, quilters, et al. Mine is the original Rigger™ model in natural canvas.
I purchased it when Handsome and I were visiting his brother who lives on the island.
I love the darn thing and it always travels with me whenever I know I'll be shopping.
Click on the name above and check 'em out. (I don't get paid for the endorsement.)

Anyway, let me finish telling you about the fabrics in this picture...
Image Courtesy of Quiltsmart
I saw this little "Gadget Cushion" on the shelf at Piece By Piece Quilt Shop 
in Appleton. I asked Kathy about it and she directed me to these fusible panels.
Gadget Cushion Panel
 They were "a buck twenty" each and in clever Quiltsmart™ fashion (they 
designed the "Mondo Bag") all you do it fuse fabric to the panel, sew a few
seams and presto change-o  you've got this groovy little place to rest a gadget.
(Yes. I did say "groovy". It's ok. Granddaughter #2 says, "I'm authorized.")
Quiltsmart™ Gadget Cushion Panel
 So, I chose a few special fabrics to make a Gadget Cushion for Handsome.
I'm sure I'll be making more as gifts, and, stuff you purchase for your spouse
never counts against the bottom line, does it? Right. I didn't think so either!

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carolg said...

Ok, ok, I'm convinced! Are you signing up for that BOM with me? BTW, Primitive Gatherings gives you a giant tote if you spend a certain amount. Just sayin' in case anyone is worried. Their shop on the road is pretty impressive. Don't know how they do it. Hey, Tag, Quinn says careful or you'll get a wonky toe like hers. XO

Createology said...

Donna you certainly have a treasure trove of new fabrics and projects. I think you are very smart to carry your Nantucket bag to hold your acquisitions. You know I am staying tuned for the wonderful things you will be creating. Creative Sewing Bliss Dear...


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