July 14, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - I've Still Got It...

Hi, Everybody!
I'm still in Wisconsin and we're stayin' here for a while. Mom and Dad don't 
want me gettin' soft around the edges, so we make sure I get my regular workouts.

Dad loves tossin' those bumpers for me, so I though you might like to come along
and cheer for me today. It's perfect weather for fetchin' at the campground.
Notice my singular focus on the canvas dummy.
Dad lobs it about a mile away and I'm right there when it hits the ground!
"Hi, Mom." 
(wink. wink.)
Dad decided to change direction and toss the dummy over this little brush line.
Great form, right?
The first time, I leaped right over the brush and took my retrieve back to Dad.
The second time, I lost my footing a bit and yelped. I got the retrieve but stood
in the field holding my foot up and looking at Mom. She dropped the camera,
ran out to me, scooped me up and said, "It's OK, Tag. Mom will carry you back."

After we got back on the regular grass, she put me down and I walked just like usual.
 HA! ACTING!!! GENIUS!!! Mom and Dad both sighed a sigh of relief, but Dad said
 our session was concluded for the day. I carried my retrieve all the way back to The
Cloud. Once I was inside, Dad took the dummy out of my mouth, and guess what?!!!
  Mom gave me a sweet potato dog chew treat!
That's like the best treat EVER! I'm gonna eat it now.
I'll be back next week...still on the road...with a new adventure.
'til then...
"Wag Like Ya Mean It!"

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Pat said...

Tag you are a very good retriever! It looks like you are having a grand time on your vacation.

Createology said...

I am enjoying your adventures while you are staying in the Cloud. Looks like lots of green grass to run and play in. All we have is dry and dead grass from lack of rain and extreme heat. Cuddle with Mom while you are having a Polar Vortex of cold rain and temps. I love Sweet Potatoes...do you think I would like a chew with you? Keep entertaining us with your Tail Waggin Cutie Tag. Smooches...

Mandy said...

Hello there. Tag, could I ask what you are wearing round your neck? It seems rather bulkier than your normal collar.

Minimiss said...

You're such a funny, sweet, clever boy Tag.


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