July 9, 2014

All Is Right With The World...

 When I got to Stephanie and Jeremiah's home yesterday, I brought along
Jace's new cotton baby kimono. He had been a little fidgety when I
first arrived, but we put the kimono on him and he settled right down.
It was on and off him throughout the day, and Steph and I both got
the distinct impression that this sweet baby really liked wearing it!
Photographs cannot convey how soft it is, but Jace liked having it on.
 Next, I had to tackle the alteration of the Christening gown.

Being the devoted blogger I am (giggle), I first had to put it on him
to be able to show you how huge it was to start. This would not be
acceptable for his big day. He was swimming in fabric, to be sure.
This is the full-length impression of his too-big attire. 
The beautiful, crocheted afghan under him in these pictures was made by his
great-great Grandmother Esther. She passed away in 2011, but her creation
 had been given to my Aunty Margaret. She gave it to Stephanie as a baby
 shower gift. Esther was my paternal grandmother and a prolific crocheter. 
 I know she'd be happy knowing that her work will keep another child warm.
We took it off him and reversed it. Then, Steph and I wrangled 
him back into it. He was a real sport about the whole process.
I've got arrows pointing to the two pins I placed to take in the "overage"
so that it would be smaller but not too snug. This gown was made in a 
six month size, but even a newborn size would have been too big for him.
(The newborn baby bonnet is still a tad too big, but will be ok.)
 After I hand-sewed the seam to the new size, I had to deal with all the
extra on the inside of the gown. Understand, that I know this is not the
proper way to alter a garment, but I did not want to open seams and re-sew.

I was trying to avoid leaving marks in the fabric when returned to its
original size, so this is how I decided to make the alterations. I just want it
understood that I actually know better...and this is not the accepted method.
 In order to deal with the inside bulk and keep the now-smaller sleeves 
open, I decided that two little tacks on each side would hold the fabric to the inside
 bodice lining and be more comfortable, too. (I used perle cotton for all this sewing...
both for strength, and as a solution to being able to easily "unsew" afterward.)
 This is the altered bodice. I've caught the spacious sleeves in the seams to make
 them smaller, too. All this is less than elegant, but will look so much better for
his baptism - and it will be taken off immediately after the service in favor of
something more comfortable for Jace to wear for the balance of his celebration.
 One more time, little boy.
Much better, we think. He's so tiny!
In order to also adjust the buttons on the back, I made hand-sewn
button loops that can likewise be easily removed following the ceremony.
(I'll be taking my embroidery scissors and a seam ripper with me to
do this for Stephi as soon as she changes his clothes for the picnic.)
So, all he needs is his bonnet and matching blanket and he's all set.
(He has crocheted booties to wear, too.) This ensemble also has a
 beautiful, matching coat, but it was decided that he wouldn't wear that.
I'm relieved. It would certainly have required more than a little work.
 As our visit drew to a close, I had to take one more picture of Jace
comfortably sleeping in his new baby kimono. What a sweet child.
God is good and once again, we are blessed.

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Jacque. said...

ohhhhhh, what a sweet baby boy. Fab job on the alterations! And, that kimono is too cute for words.

carolg said...

what a sweetie! and the alterations turned out so great!

Createology said...

How very precious and such a beautiful baby boy. Your alterations are just what is needed for the moment. Everything you create is amazing. Blessings...

Buttons said...

Beautiful, a wonderful tradition not seen much these days. So special, so sweet. Xoxo


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