July 6, 2014

Settled At Breezy Hill...

 We've spent the weekend in Wisconsin already. The weather has been
beautiful and although the name has changed, this is where we've stayed
for the last four years when we're in the state. It's good to be back again.
 When we open the door on the Flying Cloud, this is our view. We have the 
awning out to put shade on the camper, so you see the edge of it in this photo.
 Our neighbor is a seasonal camper, so they have landscaped their lot -
to our advantage. The apparatus is a farm implement that plants seed
in the ground behind a tractor. Now, it's filled with and surrounded by
flowers. I find myself wishing I had one. Isn't it a great focal piece?
 These gorgeous lilies greet us every time we go outside our door.
 So do these, which makes for a pretty happy place to park while we're
enjoying our home state. Breezy Hill is located on Highway B in Eden.

It's central to all of our destinations while we're here, so in more ways
than one, this becomes our little slice of Paradise. Did I tell you that
there is a homemade ice cream parlor using milk from their own dairy
located nearly at the end of the driveway into this campground? 
Oh, yeah, babe!

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Createology said...

How beautiful to enjoy the focal landscape and flowers right from your Cloud. Ice Cream?!! Oh Yeah Baby...I could live on ice cream.
Enjoy your beautiful home away from home my friend.

Jillayne said...

It's beautiful Donna - just beautiful!
And ice cream at the end of the lane??? Sounds perfect!

Karen Gass said...

truly beautiful!

When I first saw that picture of the 'farm apparatus' with the flowers, I thought it was a long rustic table with chairs, and some flower centerpieces going down the middle lol Then I read the 'farm' part and thought what? Had to look at it very close in order to see what it really was instead of what I imagined it to be! :)



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