July 10, 2014

Time With Grace...

These are some of the beautiful flowers growing in the yard where Mom (Grace) lives.
Although I speak with her frequently, it was nice to see her lovely face again in person.
I've missed holding her hand and watching her eyes dance while she tells me a story.
  Yesterday was only the first of many visits I'll share with her while we're in 
Wisconsin. Her face lit up when I walked into her room, and she was so grateful
for the gifts I brought with me. When we visit, time seems to stand still.
It's so easy to be with her. Kindness radiates off her entire being, and she has 
always made me feel loved and safe. One of the best things about returning to
Wisconsin each year is being able to devote time to this woman who is so very 
precious to me. Our time here is all too short, so I'll be sure to see her as 
often as I'm able. I'm already looking forward to going out with her next week.
Today, I'll be meeting up with Kathy for our annual quilt shop hop. This year
we're on a mission to collect patterns from shops participating in an event 
called the "Row by Row Experience". There are shops designing patterns in
 many states. You can locate shops, see patterns and learn more about it here.
I'll be sure to take lots of photos so you can read all about our excursion.
I'd better get going though. I don't want to be late!

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Createology said...

Quality time is so important and to be able to spend it with Grace is a true gift. Blessings indeed.
Enjoy your day of Quilt Shop Hopping and Shopping and fun with your fellow in Quilty crime(?). Row by Row Creative Bliss Dear...

hungryhippie said...

Wisconsin ROCKS! Everyone is so N I C E .


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