July 8, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - Family Time...

Hi, Everybody!
Apologies for my scruffy appearance today, but I just finished a major workout!
I'm sure enjoyin' my time here in Wisconsin and I want to tell you all about it today.

If anyone is wonderin' just why we make the long trek up here every summer (for
at least four weeks), let me set the record straight. There are three main reasons...
Here's one. Our Grandson who lights up a whole yard with his handsome smile,
This smile was just for Mom - his Grandma. She said he's gonna be a real 
lady killer some day (but not too soon).  Hey! I thought that was my job!!!
  ...and our two beautiful Granddaughters. What can I say about them? We're just crazy
about 'em and I've looked forward to seeing them every year since I was a wee pup.

Of course, their parents are a major draw, too, but these kids are what make me
happy. They're so much fun for me to play with and they treat me like a KING!
 Of course, our trip wouldn't be complete without time for me to visit my furry
friends, too. This is part of the workout I was tellin' you about. Duncan is our
grandson's dog. I adore black Labradors! He thinks he's gonna kick me around,
but I showed him a thing or two!!! We're gonna be here 'til the end of the month,
so I know we're gonna have a lot of "Tag Team Matches" before I go home again.
I'm gonna take a short break, but trust that I'm not finished flexin' my muscles.
Mom said that most of the dogs who think they're "big dogs" are all just a bunch
of bark and no bite. Nothin' to be afraid of at all! I'm too smart and fast for them.
I still have a lot to do before we head back to Florida and I don't want to miss a
second of all the fun times Mom and Dad have in store for us. I'll be coming to you
again next week from the Great White North, and I'm sure I'll have another fun story.
'til then...
"Wag Like Ya Mean It!"
PS. Mom wanted me to tell you that because we're in the Central time zone, our posts will show up one hour later than usual. We don't want you to miss a single post, you know! Thank for visitin' again! Smooches, Tag

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Gloria M said...

First, welcome to our Central Time Zone. Glad to have you in our vicinity. Second, your grandchildren are absolutely beautiful, what wonderful smiles, and third, Tag you are just precious, have lots and lots of fun playing with all your friends, will be thinking about you

Kris said...

Oh, my little Tag - I am so glad you are having so much fun with the grandkids!! They are great looking kids and you can see their countenance is also very special!! And you kick that Duncan's butt, but every once in awhile let him have a win, just 'cuz!! :-)) See ya next week!!

Createology said...

Tag I love seeing what you are engaging in while on holiday. Time with Grandkids is so precious and they grow up way too soon. Beautiful smiles and happy faces. Duncan looks like a lot of fun for you too. A little dirt never hurt anyone...as long as there is water and soap nearby. Smooches and Happy Tails...

carolg said...

Tag! You are SO lucky! I wish I had some grandkids like yours or even some baby cousins. You look fantastic with your girls! I DO have a good friend just like Duncan! He's a black lab named Morgan Jack. I hope you keep having a wonderful time with your family, Tag! XXOO from Quinn

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Donna,
Its hard to tell who's having more fun Tag or the kiddos.
What a great month to spend with the grand's. We are having our grandson next week and we can't wait.
Enjoy your family time!


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