July 1, 2014

Another Day On The Road...

First thing yesterday morning, Tag was ready to "hit the road".
I just wanted to take a few last shots of our yard the past week before we left.
This was our view for most of the time. On the weekends, other campers moved
into the parking spots between us and the road. Where we park has been "our" spot
for the past three visits. (You'll remember, we couldn't make the trip last year.) 
Before we left, we told Robyn and Tim that we'll reserve for all three weeks next
year - just as soon as we have the dates for Band Camp. Of course, we'll request #5!
This is where we've parked all week, but by the time this picture was taken, we were
 hooked up and ready to depart Meadville. The photographer was the only delay.
By 4:30 pm, we had arrived in Jackson Center, Ohio. This shot is looking toward
the factory from our spot in the TerraPort (where all the Airstreamers can park free).
There's no shade on the campsites and, although it has all the hook-ups, there 
is no accommodation for campfires and such. It's meant to be a place to rest on
one's way to somewhere else, or a convenient spot to wait to have work done 
while you're at the factory service center. There are three hubs and I imagine that
from the air, all the campers look like spokes in a wheel, backed into their spots.
I took this photo across the TerraPort toward the other two hubs just as the sun
was setting. We're all tucked in for the night and looking forward to a new day.
So ends another day on the road.

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