June 30, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - Leavin' Meadville Today...

 Hi, Everybody!!!
Yesterday was spent mostly organizin' and stowin' gear for our move from
Pennsylvania to Wisconsin. I was happy to soak up the sunshine and supervise.
  Mom and Dad have a mental checklist they follow as we prepare to pull up stakes.
(Steaks? Did somebody say "steaks"?)
First, they have to make sure lawn chairs that got wet durin' the couple days
of rains are dry and ready to pack in their travelin' cases. Otherwise they get
musty, and musty is not allowed on the Flying Cloud...'specially not if it's me!
 Everythin' has a place - just like on an airplane. I think our flight attendant
 friend,  LauraBelle (back in Sarasota) would feel right at home travelin' this way.
There are special compartments for stowin' Dad's tools and campsite setup equipment.
There's even a special place for my dog food and dishes! Don't wanna lose my
stuff, after all. I need to stay fed to keep up my good looks and quick wit, ya know.
The special Hensley™ hitch (that keeps us safe on the road) needs to be
  greased and tightened before we can hook up to our trusty Ford F150.
I decided to wait in the shade under the picnic table so I don't get too hot.
I'm no fool! I've got a great vantage point for all the action from here, too!
The awnings have to be furled and secured. This is the long, narrow one on the
street side of the Cloud. It keeps the sun from beatin' down on the refrigerator, as
well as, shadin' the windows all along that side of the camper. We can keep the
windows open, even when it rains, thanks to this convenience we added to the Cloud...
and this one is on the dinin' end (the back end). We're really glad we also added
this one two years ago for the same reasons. Before we can leave our campsite,
all of these awnings are retracted and locked to keep them from flappin' around
while we're drivin' down the road. That could be disastrous, don't ya think?
Mom lowers our antenna, closes all the roof vents, and secures the inside contents.
  Dad does all the outside stuff and then hooks up to our truck. Once we do a 
lightin' check to be sure all our taillights work properly, we'll say goodbye
to our pals, (KOA owners) Robyn and Tim Chilson and leave Meadville. 
They're gonna miss me, for sure. We're comin' back for three weeks next year!
Next stop...Jackson Center, Ohio. Time for my Flyin' Cloud to check in at its
birthplace. It's always good to stop in and say "hi" to the folks, you know.
Looks like that's all from your "rovin' rover on the road". We gotta "fly"!
'til next week...
"Wag Like Ya Mean It!"


  1. Tag! You look fantastic! That's a LOT of work to get ready to "fly"! Don'tcha just love a road trip? If I don't talk to you, have a great 4th! XXOO Quinn

  2. Sounds like you and your folks are having a good time, Tag!! Keep that smile on your face and that wag in your tail! XOXOXOX


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