June 1, 2014

Covering The Cloud...

It's almost time to take off in our Flying Cloud again. Because I work so
well on deadlines, I'm just now tackling a task that I meant to have finished
over the winter. I'm making slipcovers for the seating areas in the Flying Cloud.

This is what the new slipcovers look like on the large sofa area. I used trusty,
prewashed canvas drop cloths to make my fitted covers. Believe me...they're not
white! They're a nice oatmeal color and very soft since I washed and dried them.

If they get dirty, they'll be much easier to clean...I can pop them in the washer.
It's easier than cleaning the upholstered covers that came with our camper, too.
These are the upholstered covers. They're still under the new ones, but I like 
that our new ones are lighter-colored. The lightness makes the area look larger.
I'll complete my work on the cushions in the dining area today and then I can 
concentrate on getting the Cloud packed to house us on our upcoming travels. 
Soon, we'll move our portable home to accommodate Tag, Handsome and me. 
It will also be our comfy, spacious home-away-from-home for entertaining our 
family and friends for our time on the road. Have I said how much I enjoy that?
I'll show you what it looks like on Wednesday. Of course, Tag will visit with
you tomorrow. This will be an exciting week and I can't wait to tell you more. 
Happy June, everybody!
  The year is already half over. I think I need a personal time turner! (Harry Potter reference.)

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