June 4, 2014

A Pretty Blossom...

Biker Blossom and Bob
I taught my class at Crazy Quilters yesterday, but we had to take a
 break when Pam announced that "Blossom" was out in the parking lot.

I had no idea what she meant, but as soon as I glanced out the window,
 I ran and grabbed my trusty camera phone. Now you can meet her, too.
Don't you just love the doggles (doggy goggles)?
You can see how much she likes this whole program
You can tell by the expression on Blossom's face that she adores her
master - and riding on the back of his motorcycle. She's very secure
 in the bag on the back. The bag's safely attached to the bike, and her
harness is attached through to an anchor spot to keep her from jumping 
or falling out. They can ride like the wind and she will be just fine.
This whole setup is quite the "chick magnet", too! The ladies,
including me, were attracted to this little dog, and Bob was more
than happy to talk about his bike and his sweet, little Blossom.

Well, I only have two things to say...
1) It's a really good thing Tag wasn't there yesterday because he 
would love to ride on a bike and would still be whining at me;
2) It's a really good thing Tag wasn't there yesterday because he
would surely have run away from home to join this biker gang!
Class was a huge success, and seeing this dynamic duo in
 the parking lot was certainly the buttercream icing on the cake.

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Kris said...

Cute, cute post!! Doggles!! Ha! Ha! Ha!


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