June 5, 2014

I'll Be "Retreating"...

This is the view of our eastern side yard most mornings. The sun shines through
the palms, pines and palmettos creating a stunning image of vivid greenery.
I'm heading off to a three-day retreat with some of my guild girlfriends
today and will not see this view until I return home on Sunday afternoon.
I'm looking forward to sewing, stitching and enjoying the camaraderie.
  This means I'll be leaving the "boys" (Handsome and Tag) behind and
I can only imagine what they'll be up to. I'm sure they'll be fine, though.
Of course, I'm going to miss them while I'm away.
Whenever I leave, I have to remember "Just don't look at that face."
Rats! Too late.

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Minimiss said...

Awwww, Mom, how could you possibly leave that face at home? Enjoy your retreat and I look forward to seeing what you create.

Minimiss said...
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carolg said...

Having lived in the midwest and now the northeast all my life, I can't imagine having that wonderful view! It's like Jurassic Park to me! Tag, if you get lonesome, give Quinn a call. :-) Donna, have a fun weekend!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Have fun, Donna! Twyla


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