June 19, 2014

Day Two...

Here's my "second installment":
We covered another four hundred miles yesterday. It was all easy driving
 (except around Birmingham - awful roads!!). We drove  seven hours to get to
 our destination for the night. This segment took us from Chattahoochee, Florida
 to Cornersville, Tennessee. Again, it was hot outside - 92º when we arrived.
This has got to be one of our favorite campgrounds. It's called the 
"Texas T Campground", just off I-65. It's down in a little, cool hollow.
I took photos of this scene last year with my camera - this year with my
 iPhone - but I'm sure this is why it's a bit cooler here, at least in my mind.

I love how the water trips and tumbles over stones and flat rocks on its
way to the Tennessee River. Here, there are schools of small fish resting
in the shade and loads of flowers decorating the banks of the brook.
Seeing the Queen Anne's Lace reminds me of our old home in Wisconsin,
and all the times I spent in the fields walking and working with our retrievers.
And, now, my little man sits happy and content on a bed of clover.
(As much a metaphor for his life as it is an actual image.)
  Handsome set up our outside requirements - water, electric and such,
while I set up the inside. I feel a bit like a flight attendant as I take 
items from their appointed spots to make it homey again for one night.
Each day enroute, I stow everything away again so it's secure while we
travel, and then pull those same things out in the evening. Then, I don
my Paula Deen "The Lady Can Cook" apron to prepare our evening meals.
Last night it was shepherd's pie on the cooktop. Browned, seasoned ground beef,
 to which I added onions, green beans and sweet corn. Once heated, I added cream
 of mushroom soup, salt and pepper and then a generous topping of mashed 
potatoes. I formed an open well in the center of the pan which quickly filled 
with juices from the mixture. It also steamed the inside of the covered pan to heat 
the potatoes prior to serving. By the time Handsome was showered and dressed, the 
table was set and we sat our road-weary bones down to eat. Cleanup and then I, too
was finished for the night. We were off to bed early to prepare for Day Three.

Our destination today is Milton, West Virginia...another 425 miles or so.
It's a little further than we usually drive in a day, but we've all got great traveling
companions. Handsome, Tag and I are having a grand time together.

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