June 13, 2014

A Perfect Pair, I Think...

Would you care for a cuppa tea?
I had so much fun putting the finishing touches on our Cloud seating area.
Of course, the first quilt I ever made - and my favorite nap quilt - was lovingly
draped across the back of the sofa. It's a chenille four-patch pattern and so comfy!

I made one more trip to the studio to create a companion pillow cover for the lovely
British flag cover. That one was created for me by my friend, Troy Rash at Junk
Exchange. He teamed canvas with ivory and bleached muslin to make it.
Sit down and make yourself comfortable.
 I used the same fabrics for my American flag that Troy used in his British version.
My original plan was to sew fifty ivory buttons where the stars should be, but I
asked Handsome what he thought of the idea. He said it wouldn't be a good place
to rest your head, so I went to Plan B...machine sew fifty primitive stars instead.
Yes, dear. There are fifty of them. We each counted THREE times, just to be sure!
I purposely didn't want them to be perfectly lined up, the same size or even the
same shape. I wanted them to be as interesting and varied as the states they
represent. I didn't have a problem doing that! Some are wonky, some are tiny,
but there is one for each and every state in our great Union. Edges are frayed,
nothing is perfect, but they're all pulled together in one place and honored here.
Before I head off to start stocking the Cloud, you might want to go over and
check out Troy's Etsy shop (here). He creates some of the most wonderful,
beautiful things. He also has regular booths at Canton (TX), where you can
meet him in person and save shipping costs by taking your purchases with
you. When I see pictures of his space and items for sale, I nearly faint!
Direct link to Junk Exchange Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/junkexchange?ref=em
If you'd like your own shabby British Flag pillow cover like mine, just send Troy
a convo at Etsy. He'll create a custom cover and give you the 15% discount, too! 
Thanks, Troy!

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sissie said...

Oh Donna, your traveling home looks so lovely and cozy. I love the quilt over the back and the gorgeous pillows.
I'll be sure and check out his etsy shop.



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