June 15, 2014

Last Minute Prep...

 We'll be rolling out the Flying Cloud this week, and I'm busy with
last minute projects as we also pack and prep for our upcoming trip.

One of the things I'll be doing while away is attending the baptism
of our sweet, little great-nephew, Jace. His Mommy and Daddy have
planned the ceremony around the dates that we'll be able to attend.
They said that they think it's only fitting that the person who made the
 Christening gown be in the chapel as another child is baptized in it.
I'm honored that they are making it possible for us to attend, because 
I'd love to be there as they bring their child to a life in the church.

Their baby will be wearing the same gown that I made for his older
brother thirteen years ago, and I found out yesterday that the gown
has been carefully stored in plastic. I think it's better for the gown
to be stored in a protective fabric garment bag, so I made one for it.
Beautiful, monogrammed, soft, white cotton will work perfectly.

Miss Ellie (my Babylock Ellisimo) embroidered their family monogram
 onto the outside of the garment bag, and now it will protect the gown
 when it hangs in storage. I think Jace's parents will like this better, too.
 I only have to add a small pocket to hold a card that will list the names
 of all the past and future children who wear it...a small heirloom touch.

I'll be going back and forth to The Cloud as we dodge the daily rain
showers. Tag will be here tomorrow to tell you how he's preparing.
We'll be ready in no time at all. This is going to be fun!

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Buttons said...

Aww...... <3

Anonymous said...

Just stunning. White on white must have been tough. It looks just beautiful.


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