June 18, 2014

Day One...

First installment from "the road":
Tag let me know that he needed to get out to "stretch his legs" (lol),
so we pulled into the next rest area. He trotted over to the Dog Walk,
he aired out and we headed back to our vehicle(s). I thought the view
was so nice that I decided to snap a shot of it to share with you today.
I also couldn't resist sharing a photo of our little Road Warrior.
His bed is in the back seat and he has the whole, spacious section to
himself (seats up). He carefully positions himself so that either 1) his
whole body is on the bed and his head hangs off, or 2) his whole
body is off the bed and just his head is resting on the cushion.
It's ok. He's got a plan!
Look at that sweet, sleepin' face and those cute, little
Frito feet. Makes me want to crawl back there with him.
Well, except for the dog hair.
See you again tomorrow for Installment Two!

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Gloria M said...

Good Morning Donna, Glad you guys are enjoying your trip. It is so nice and cool up where you are going. We went to Lake Erie last summer and it was wonderful. You are going to an area quite close to our destination last year. We definitely needed a jacket while we were there. Stay safe, Gloria

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Looks like Tag knows what he's doing. God speed on your travels.


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