June 3, 2014

Attention Deficit Crafter...

You know that I started this project over the weekend. I was coasting
right along when I ran out of the requisite Velcro to close up each slipcover.
I had to get more before I could proceed to finish what I started.

Until I could go and get more, I had other projects that needed my attention.
I worked on my knitting project for the rest of the day and then went out right
away Monday (along with errands that ate up most of my day) and got Velcro.

Handsome and I agreed to tackle hitch maintenance first thing yesterday, and by
 the time that was finished, the morning was over. Finally, I could sew after lunch.
The large seat cushion in the dining area has a curve that matches the wonderful
lines of the Airstream. I made that slipcover in the afternoon and will make the
back cushion cover and the cushions on the other side of the table next week.

Today, I'm teaching another hand embroidery class at Crazy Quilters.
(BTW - Go check out their new website. It's gorgeous, thanks to the
mad web skills of our friend, Rhonda! She's gone wild on the site!)

The next time you see pictures of the Flying Cloud, those slipcovers (and a
few other sweet additions) will be finished. I'll have my knitting done, too!

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Karen Gass said...

Donna you have more energy!!! Those slipcovers look amazing :) Gorgeous - can't wait to see the knitting :) Karen

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Great job. I think I could actually live in the cloud all the time and be totally happy. Can I rent it out from you and live in your back yard? Would it come with holidome privileges? hee,hee,hee.


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