June 22, 2014

Looks Like We Made It...

 ...to Meadville, PA, that is.
It was a bit of an arduous drive through the mountains of
West Virginia to get here, especially in the rain, but Pennsylvania
proved welcoming. There was a lot of sunshine and the steep ups
and downs slowly transformed into rolling hills and valleys.
 Handsome went over to the college yesterday to pick up his
registration packet, which always includes a college tote bag.
Inside are all his class schedules, meal card and a few other goodies.
This year, he came back with a matching packet for me!
Go figure. I only go to one group gathering, the Thursday recitals
and the concert finale on Friday, but here was my own meal card,
schedule (in case I want to sit in), and even my own swanky pen!
 While he was over at the college, I was working on the knitting
for my special project. I finished it around 9 last night, and will
start my day today doing all the joining and yarn tucking. After
that, I'll add the ribbon closure and perhaps a button or two
just to trim it out a little more. I'll decide when I get to that point.

I'm also making something for our great-nephew's Christening
next month. I brought Sofie along so she'll be helping me out
with the machine sewing part of that project. She also has a small
embroidery unit, so I'm going to add a little something extra, too.

Tag will be here tomorrow. He's so excited to share his good news!
You'll have to come back to read all about it. (He can hardly wait!)

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Mandy said...

How lovely to be given the option of sitting in if you find you wish to do so. Looking forward to Tag's post, I wonder what that is all about....... Hopefully, Tag is keeping cool if it is rather warm where you are. It is warm here and We are doing everything we can to keep our own dog, Ella, cool and comfortable.

carolg said...

Conneaut lake! Shades of my misspent youth. Awesome old school amusement park there, if you fancy a little side trip. And I am totally with you on the WVa mountains. Did it too many times on the college pickup and drop off.


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