June 26, 2014

Hexies On The Horizon...

I brought these along on our trip...two sets of Little Moda™ "Mini Charms", and a 
package of Hexies™ dissolvable papers. I figured they'd make a perfect portable project.
I haven't tried these papers before, but another blogger raved about them, and I'm
so impressionable! They don't have to be torn out of your hexagons after you join
them. Just toss the finished quilt in the wash and they dissolve into the batting. 
I've tried the other method, and now I want to try to do them like this.

I've taken a close-up of the packaging so you can see all the information if you
want to try them for yourself. The measurement is for each side of the hexagon.
  I'm smitten with this Moda™ fabric line. I'd seen "Plum Sweet" made into a quilt
on Anne Sutton's "Bunny Hill" blog and knew I'd find something fun to do with
my little charms. If you'd like to see her finished quilt, just click here. It's just so
soft and cozy-looking. So, I'm going to make little hexagons with my 2.5" mini
charms sets. After that, I'll let my muse carry me. I'll have 84 finished hexies to
play with. I'll do all the pressing today and then stitch until they're ready to join.

Can you believe it's already Friday? We originally planned to leave Meadville
on Sunday, but we're going to make a side trip to Ohio before we head to Wis-
consin. That means we'll stay here until Tuesday; Ohio Tuesday night; have a
little work done on Wednesday (I'll tell you about that later); and then on to
Wisconsin to arrive on July 3rd or 4th. I'm glad I have things to keep me busy.

I'll be back tomorrow, as always.
Happy thoughts from the road.

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