June 2, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - Nothin' Serious...

Hi, Everybody!

Hope you don't mind if I don't get up today.
This is my favorite hangout these days (unless I'm sleepin' under 
Mom's sewin' chair). I'm here 'cuz I'm a little under the weather, too.
I saw my comfy bed,  just moseyed over and flopped right down.
Dad put this towel over the bars in the front of my kennel because he thought
I might like a cushion for my chin. The towel also works great for hiding!
Before you get your undies in a bunch, let me tell you what's what. I'm takin' meds 
right now because I'm limpin' on my left, front leg. Seems I overanimated a muscle 
in my front leg. How the heck did that happen? One day I'm a healthy, masculine
Corgi specimen, and then next, I need a cane or somethin'. What's up with that?
Gratuitous Corgi paws/legs photograph
This picture doesn't really show anythin', but Mom wanted to capture a shot 
of my super cute feet. She said they smell like Fritos. (Mom's weird that way.)

My wonderful, personal health advisor, Dr. Stephanie, said I musta pulled a
muscle - either frappin' in the house and yard - or gettin' in and outta the pool.
  Do ya feel sorry for me yet? Do you need my address to send treats?
(Goin' for the huge "sympathy presents" trick. Bahahahaha!)
I'd love to show you how I chased around the livin' room today...but I didn't.
Mom and Dad are keepin' me on a short leash. No more frappin' unless I'm healed.
Darn it! That's no fun!!!
I guess I'd just better get out my book, "Training Your Mom and Dad", relax 
and commit a few lessons about "Gettin' Treats On Command" to memory.
Mom sure has a lot to learn!
Anyway...'til next week,
"Wag Like Ya Mean It!"

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Pat said...

Tag I am so sorry that you are under the weather today. Hope you get better real soon so you can play all you want to!

carolg said...

Tag! Feel better soon! I dislocated my toe last fall and now it looks kind of wonky! (that's what the vet called it, "wonky toe") But I'm good as new, even though my toe looks funny. You'll be on the Frap Attack again soon! XXXOOO From Quinn

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Tag, you have a very nice bed! Take advantage of it and get lots of rest. We want you well so you can run on those cute feet! Twyla

Sharon Chapman said...

Oh sweet Tag the boys and I feel very bad that your hurt yourself. Please take care.
Just so you know the boys want me to take their picture of their paws.Honestly whats next. We love you. Sharon, Max and Cooper.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Frito feet???? Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Love it!


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