June 25, 2014

Another Baby Project...

  Our newest great nephew is being Christened in July. His Momma and Daddy 
planned the date to coincide with our visit to Wisconsin. We're looking forward
to meeting the little guy for the first time, and being there for his special day.

When his older brother was born (nearly thirteen years ago), I made a complete
ensemble for his baptism. I made a Christening gown, bonnet, booties and a
blanket for the church service. A few weeks ago, my niece brought out the set
to try on her second son to gauge the fit. Even though the ceremony is still three
 weeks away - and babies grow like weeds - it was obvious that the six-month
sized gown and bonnet would never fit the new baby. She sent me photos
and we all giggled to see him nearly drowning in fabric. We needed a plan.

I told her that I'll put the gown on him (inside out) when I get there and baste
it to fit him. I don't want to alter the original gown so, when the time comes,
 the next child to wear it will have space if they were larger than our boy.

The bonnet was another matter, so yesterday I made one in a newborn size from
the same fabric I used for the original ensemble. When we get to Wisconsin, I'll
 try it on him. If it's still way too big, I have more of the fabric to adjust my 
pattern one more time and make it even smaller. I'm hoping it's not necessary.

I've decided that I'll make another kimono in newborn size. If this little boy
is as small as I'm told he is, it might take quite a while for him to be able to
use the one I just finished. I'll see how big he is when I get there and then
choose the best size to give to him so he can wear it through the summer.

It rained again all day yesterday, so sewing and knitting were the perfect 
pastimes while Tag and I spent our days inside. I believe I'll knit again today.

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carolg said...

Love it. Donna, what is the fabric? Hope the rain lets up for you!

Shirley said...

Good Morning Donna, I am enjoying your pictures of your travels north. I love the baby bonnet and hope that it fits the little one just fine. They all grow up so very fast. Have a great trip. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

What a sweet, sweet bonnet! You are so talented. ; )

Patty said...

Looks wonderful Donna.

TerriSue said...

What a precious little bonnet. It is just so sweet. What an age difference. Just like Jim and his siblings. Before he knew it they were grown and moved out and he was still a boy.

Little Birdie Blessings said...

How exciting. What a great idea to alter the gown that
Way. The bonnet is adorable. We have two babies coming in my family by the end of summer. Abby


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