June 10, 2014

Liking The New Look...

I finished the cushions on the sofa side of the Flying Cloud. We're liking how
 the new fabric lightens things up. Sturdy canvas drop cloth covers are easy to
 remove and wash when needed, and they'll protect the original cushions, too.
While the original covers were nice enough, I much prefer the lighter, neutral,
oatmeal color and texture of the slipcovers I've created. I think they have a more 
contemporary flair than the stock cushions and they'll also be a bit more comfy.
With less than a week before we embark on our summer outing, I'll be sure to
get the last set of covers (the other side of the dinette table) made today. Then,
it's time to wash floors, restock the pantry, pack our travel togs and run down
our checklist. Oh, that reminds me...I have to get a back of Tag's favorite kibble
before we're ready to go. Corgi likes to be fed! He approves of the new covers,
too. I can see the gears turning..."I can hardly wait to get up there and snooze!"

I'd better quit writing and get the measurements for my last two covers. I'd
like to have them finished by noon so I can work on other things this afternoon.
  I'm so looking forward to our trip!

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sunny said...

Nice job with the cushions! Would you like to slip cover my sofa?? where are you headed for this year's adventure?

carolg said...

Wow! That was a big job. Looks fabulous. Tag looks like he's ready to hit the road!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Donna, what a great job with the cushions; totally impressive! Have a safe, fun trip. I'm still thinking about your comment on my blog; I am humbled and trying to work my mind around your kind compliment. I feel like I'm just dragging through although it's better/easier in the last few months. The grief isn't nearly as horrid as it has been. Anyway, will send you a PM; y'all have a wonderful trip!


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