July 11, 2014

We Hopped 'Til We Dropped...

Yesterday was my annual Shop Hop Day with my friend, Kathy.
We really had fun. In one of the shops, she was referred to as my
sister, so we decided that was cool and we'd just go with it.

We hit four different shops, beginning with Primitive Gatherings in Menasha.
 That shop is always my favorite and it's for the best that I'm only allowed
in there once a year - or every two! I had great fun in there this year. Really!
I really liked this quilt, so I purchased the pattern and a template for the leaves.
The piece reminds me of Florida and I'll likely do mine all in batiks. The pattern
is called "Remember", but Laundry Basket Quilts, in case anyone else wants one.
These are a few of the patterns I purchased. I have a lot more to show and tell,
but I also was struck with a severe bout of "clumsiness". After our first stop, we
decided to go to lunch. We found out that the establishment didn't take credit cards.

Really?! Who doesn't take credit cards these days (well, beside this place)?
I told Kathy I needed to find an ATM. Went next door and asked and the owner
took me out the back door to the parking/street area and pointed out a US Bank.
He should have pointed out the uneven pavement instead. I started walking the
half block to the bank, and missed that the sidewalks have multiple ramp areas
for handicapped people. I took a tumble and really did a number on my hand.

My right hand took the full force of the spill, helping me avoid a total header.
As a reward, I have a cut up hand. Where I fell was full of pea gravel, dirt and
who-knows-what-else. The owner came out and helped me up, took me back
inside his shop and showed me where the restroom was to clean up my hand.

I still walked down to the bank and got cash, and I knew that Kathy would be 
wondering what happened to me. When I finally joined her and told my story,
our waitress came back with a big bag of ice and a towel. It felt better with 
the ice. After I got back home, I iced it up again and took a pain pill. 

Remember when I told you I have joint arthritis in both of my thumbs?
Yeah. Exactly where it hurts the most. Pill is helping, but I'm not able to
spend more time at the computer, so I'm going to close for now and show
you more of my purchases on Monday. My hand just hurts too much. Sorry.

I'm going to go take a nap now.
Thanks, Kathy. I had a wonderful day, yet again.

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little acorns said...

Oh Donna!... I'm so sorry that you got hurt! Okay then, Bailey says to tell Tag that he has an important job to do - keeping watch over your owie, & giving you extra snuggles & loves. (Bailey & I send you loves & snuggles too... !!)

April said...

ouch Donna. I hope it gets better soon. looks bad.

Gloria M said...

Donna I am so sorry that you got hurt. Please stay safe and upright. I love your pattern choices. Can't wait to see your own special twist to all of those. Stay safe and have a wonderful, trip.

Kris said...

Oh, boo!! I hope you only got the cut and did not sprain anything!! You are going to need your hand to do that gorgeous leave applique quilt!! Take care of yourself - maybe Tag can help!! Oh, yeah and Handsome!! :-)) See ya Monday!!

Eleanor Mefford said...

So sorry about your mishap. Take care of that hand and tell Tag to snuggle up and give you some hugs!!! Look forward to your blog every day; you make so many wonderful things and write so beautifully! Love, Eleanor

Createology said...

Oh Dear that does look very painful.
Ice and meds and and lots of rest hopefully will cure it in no time quick. Your day spent with Kathy and quilt stores looks like it gave you lots of new inspiration and projects to keep you busy all winter long. Healing Energy Dear...

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

You're lucky you didn't break your arm! Rest up and I hope you heal soon. Kisses for Taggie. xo, T.

laurajane said...

Hope your poor hand heals soon Donna,I know what it's like to fall.Rest well.xx

carolg said...

Ouch! Those gravel boo boos are just the worst. Glad it wasn't a broken wrist or worse! I'm wondering how you're going to re-design that pattern to get those ears to stand up on that puppy dog! We hope you're feeling better soon!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

OUCH! That makes my stomach clinch just looking at the photo, Donna. If you can get some Apinoil and use it, it would help tremendously.
Be safe out there!

Sharon Chapman said...

Oh Donna I am so sorry. It looks very painful. You might try some Arnica Gel. I get it at health food stores. It really does wonders for bruises. I love that quilt too. I want to get back to quilting so badly. But right now my garden is in need of my help. Believe me when I say every muscle in my body is making their presence known.
The boys Cooper and Max have me running in circles too. Give Tag a smooch from me. Take care.

sunny said...

Owie! At least you had already done some fabric shopping. Hope it's all better soon, and doesn't stop you from stitching.

hungryhippie said...

Oh dear! Hope you heal up quickly...and maybe that owner will think twice about accepting credit cards now LOL! geesh..... At least you have the pattern to console you, priorities I tell you. ;)

Minimiss said...

Ouch!! Hope it's better now. Take care girlfriend.


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