July 8, 2014

Stephi's Garden...

Yesterday, I spent part of the afternoon and evening with my niece, Stephanie.
(I call her "Stephi" or "Stevie".)

I took lots of photos of the lilies bursting with color around the entry to her
home, but I'm only sharing one of these garden pics today. When I refer to
"Stephi's Garden", I have other wonderful, colorful images that spring to mind.
This handsome sprout, my nearly 13-year-old great-nephew, Ethan.
Standing next to him would make me think it's so much longer than
a year since I last saw him. I swear he's at least a foot taller! I can also
say that he's still the sweet, considerate young man I remember. (sigh)
Then, there's Stephi's second son. Her five-week old peanut, Jace. This was
 my first meeting with him and we hit it off like old pals. What a sweet child.
 Daddy wasn't home yesterday, but I'll try to see him while I'm there today.
  His mommy took a picture of me holding him. I'm going to call this our
 "Calvin and Hobbs" moment. Aunt Donna's gotta snuggle the boy after all!
 I'll be back to see him again this morning. We're having a Christening gown
 alteration session. The set I made for his big brother is a little lot too big for 
him, but I'll spend however much time it takes to make it right for him.
After all, his "big day" is Saturday, and he's the (little) Man of the Hour!

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Shirley said...

Good Morning Donna, The flowers are beautiful. The color is so pretty. The kids seem to be growing so fast now. Oh! the little one is precious and I know you loved the snuggle time. I am enjoying reading, but having trouble leaving comments at times. Don't know what the problem is. Love the pictures of the grandchildren seeing how they are growing. Have fun and a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Createology said...

Beautiful Day Lillies...ours get eaten by the deer as soon as they bud so I never see the flowers. How wonderful to spend time with family. I adore your Calvin and Hobbs photo. Children truly are precious...at five weeks and at 13...when raised by great parents. True Bliss.

Buttons said...

So sweet. I know you just could not wait to meet little Jace and see the rest of your family again. Enjoy your time relaxing and smelling the Lily's . :) xoxox


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