July 2, 2014

Nearly There...

Tag has really enjoyed his visit to the Airstream factory this year. 
Other Airstreamers stop to pet him and tell him how cute he is, and that always
makes for a great day for The Corgi. He also got in a few fetching sessions to 
help him blow off a little steam from being in the car for extended time. 
Now, he's ready to pile back into his traveling spot as we drive to LaSalle, Ilinois.
It's our last stop before we arrive in Wisconsin, and it's about a four hundred mile
drive from Jackson Center. We're leaving early so it's still light when we arrive.
Once night closer to Wisconsin...where we're looking forward to seeing this face...
and these sweet faces, too!
We're anticipating planned family picnics, time with friends and even a few 
festive celebrations. We have lots to do when we arrive, and we'll be really busy.
I'll be spending time with Mom Grace, Aunty Margaret and Uncle Dick, as well as
my British aunt who's visiting from abroad. We've got plans to spend quality time 
while she's here in the states, and we'll reminisce about my recently departed uncle.
I know Aunt Annette misses Uncle Johnny very much, and memories help us both.
My friend, Kathy and I have already set the date for our quilt shop hop this year -
and I wouldn't dream of leaving Wisconsin without seeing my BFF, Lee. There will
be many days devoted to catching up with our sons and their families, as well as a
baseball game (or two), music at local clubs and other local trips hither and yon. 
We've made plans for nieces to come from Minnesota and central Wisconsin to our
campsight, and it will be nice to find out (in person) how they're doing. I'm sure
 the time will fly as we try to pack as much activity as possible into our limited time.
So, another day came to a close at the TerraPort, and only one more night before
 we arrive in our familiar home state. We're very happy. We're nearly there.

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Jacque. said...

LOVE reading of your travels. And, it looks like Tag is enjoying it...that's always good, hey? Hope to see you soon! xo

hungryhippie said...

How wonderful-enjoy your time with family and friends. XO

Minimiss said...

Sounds like a fabulous holiday you're all having and only set to get even better. Safe travels my friends and enjoy your time with family and old friends.


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