July 27, 2014

A Last Wisconsin Weekend...

Me with my BFF Lee
This past weekend was a whirlwind of family gatherings. It seems that as we
near the end of our time here, our dance cards fill more quickly. So it was on
Saturday and Sunday. My weekend began with coffee and conversation with
my BFF Lee. We never really get enough time together on these trips. Ever.
Precious moments with our granddaughters
Then, I was off to a lunch date with our younger daughter-in-love and our two
fun and beautiful granddaughters. We ate at one of their favorite local restaurants
and then walked around town a bit to find a few things I needed to get as gifts.

I always enjoy talking with our girls and getting caught up on their lives...
and listening to their storytelling is always enlightening and amusing.
Adults: L-r: Josh, Johanna, Eli, me, Nathaniel, Chelsea, Aaron and Amanda (and the kidlets)
Saturday ended with a drive to Beaver Dam, WI to meet my Aunt Eli, her
three grown children and their families. My cousins are just the best, and 
all of us laughed over an Italian dinner and Eli's special touch for my cousin,
Nate's Birthday celebration. (That's him peeking over my shoulder.)
Nate with the kidlets wearing famous masks
She made face masks of famous people who share his Birthdate...and then
his nieces and nephews held them up to surprise him. (For this party, there
were Kevin Spacey, Sandra Bullock and Mick Jagger masks. Oh, boy!)

Goodness, I remember how much fun it was to be thirty one, and now he'll
have a year to enjoy it for himself. It was hard to end the evening to head home.
Me with my niece, Keeley
  Sunday began with lunch with my niece, Keeley and her grandma Sally.
Sally was kind and generous enough to offer one of her cars to me to use the
entire time we were in Wisconsin. Aunty Margaret followed me over to Sally's
so that I could return her car today. We visited over a lovely Waldorf salad lunch,
and, after hugs and goodbyes, Aunty Margaret brought me back to the Flying 
Cloud to find Handsome had returned from making circus music the wilds of 
Nebraska. (He attended the summer Windjammers Convention all last week.)
Son #1, our lovely daughter-in-love and grandson - and me with Handsome (being serious) :D
Handsome and I spent a few hours catching up on the events of the week, and
then we jumped back in our chariot to meet Son #1 and his family for dinner.
I've gotten really good at asking complete and total strangers to take my camera
  and (after a quick lesson in its operation) getting them to snap really great memories
for our album. Of course, there is usually silliness involved and this one was no
exception. After hugs and kisses and promises to see each other again soon, we
parted company and headed to our own homes for another good night's sleep.
Today, we'll be packing and preparing to leave Wisconsin. I've loved every 
new memory we created with our friends and loved ones we saw on this trip. 
Still, there never seems to be quite enough time. I can think of more than a
few people we had hoped to see before we leave again, but missed. They'll
be at the top of our list for the next time we're here. And, they're
always welcome to travel south when the weather gets too cold for them.
Until next year, loved ones...
We'll leave early tomorrow morning and turn for Florida.
I have lots to do today, though before we're ready...starting with laundry.
(I'll be trying my new homemade laundry soap!)
I'd better get after it!

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Shirley said...

Good Morning Donna, I know that you have enjoyed your visit with family and friends from reading here on your blog and fb. It is hard to say good bye. Your grand kids have grown so very fast. We just want to keep them small or at least I do. Have a safe trip home to Florida. We are starting off in the 50's this morning and only to get in the low 80's. It will make better traveling weather when it is cooler. I am off to get my grandson to mow my yard. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Whew! I am exhausted with your whirlwind of family visits and activities. Families grow up so fast and change so quickly--glad you had your time together

Createology said...

So true about never enough time to do it all. Your visits and memories made on this trip are priceless. Safe travels as you head south...


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