August 1, 2014

A Home Run...

One of the things we really appreciate about our travels is the wonderful experiences we
have along the way. It's the little unexpected events that make an otherwise ordinary
stop become truly extraordinary. Such was the case on Thursday evening in Alabama.

We made our way from Buffalo, Tennessee to Clanton, Alabama, where we stopped at
the Clanton/I-65S/Dandy RV Park. It was within eyesight of the Interstate, so we were
only expecting a convenient stop for the night. What we found was quite different.
There were new owners of the park, who welcomed us with smiles and grand hospitality.
We were escorted (actually led by the owner in her golf cart) to our site (No. 28). We
pulled into our spot and Handsome proceeded to do his outside setup duties, while I
prepared the inside for our evening of rest. We had a view of a large (fish-filled) lake,
and a dog walk on the back of the property. (Tag has insisted that we save that story
for his post next Tuesday, so I won't share any more information about that today.)
 As I was about to take Tag to said Dog Walk, Handsome directed my attention across
 the lake toward the check-in area for the park. I smiled to see another Airstream
 coming in. Coincidentally, they parked right next to us. We said our "hellos" as they 
set up, learned they were from Tallahassee, and then we went inside for dinner. As we 
have seen few Airstreams during our entire trip, this was a pleasant surprise indeed. 
But it got even better.
After dark (around 10:30) we heard the golf cart come around again and direct 
another camper in on the other side of us. Handsome was already sleeping, but Tag
was jumping around, so I checked out the window to see another Airstream. This
one was a 33' long Excello Classic and she was the largest coach I've seen outside
the factory. Handsome was tired, so I didn't wake him. It would wait until morning.
We spoke to the owners of both coaches in the morning and learned that the big
one was a 1993 model and had traveled all the way to Alaska in it's lifetime. The
coach on the other side of us was six years old. That made our 2010 Flying Cloud
 the "young kids on the block". The thing about Airstreams is that they're really 
difficult to date (unless you're an expert) because they age really well.
Before we left camp, Handsome asked the owners where we might find an air line to
check the pressure in our tires. Roy (one of the owners) hopped on his cart, grabbed
his air compressor, lines and gauges and came right down to our campsite.  These
 folks really aim to please! While he was helping with the tires, he told Handsome
 that the fact that the Airstreams were "herded up" was complete serendipity.
You see, when we make our reservations, KOA only asks the type and length of 
each unit, site preferences and number of people and pets. They never ask for the
make/model of the camper or RV you'll be bringing for your stay. Once they have
that information, they just assign the appropriate site and wait for your arrival. It
isn't until you pull in and they escort you to your campsite that they actually know
what it is. When they brought in the Excello, they realized that we were all in the 
same row, all right next to each other. They were as surprised as all of us were.
If you find yourself out in your RV or camper and traveling through Alabama,
we highly recommend Dandy RV. These are top-notch people and you'll be as
happy to stay there as we were. There are also restaurants and things to do...
They're not all that far from Nashville and only a little further to Memphis.
  Last night, we checked into our last campsite for our trip. I'm not going to give
stellar - or any - ratings on this place. Suffice it to say that they didn't even have
ice. Really?! A Florida campground and they can't stock ice for their campers?
(KOA will get our critique card back on this place. That was just for starters.)
I will close with a photograph of our guy...ever the back window of the
Flying Cloud. I think he's going to be as happy as we'll be to get home today.
I think he said something about taking a few laps around his pool.
Thanks again for following us on our travels for the past six weeks. It's going to
take a couple of days to empty The Cloud (in 90º+ weather) before I can get to
the studio and set up my new Babylock. So many ideas in my head right now, 
but there are obligations I must attend to before I can play. Soon. I promise.

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Jacque. said...

Loved your travel stories! We used to camp and airstreams always seemed special. I am sure you have lots to do when you get home...and that you will have great fun playing with your new machine.

Gloria M said...

Welcome Home My Friend, I have thoroughly enjoyed your six weeks of travel. Thank you so much for including us. I am thankful you are home safe and sound, although tired, get rest and we will be waiting anxiously for your next post.

Createology said...

Customer Service is so rare these days and it is nice to hear you found some on your travels. If I had an RV I would definitely want an Airstream. They are classic and beautiful...just like You and Handsome and Tag. Glad to know you will be home and swimming in Tag's

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

We will be traveling soon in our Airstream and I have been making notes about all the places you have stayed. I would greatly appreciate any "heads up" that you can share, as this is our first adventure traveling with a coach. We greatly appreciated your advice concerning the dealers. Sanders did a great job on our repairs.

carolg said...

Rats. We thought it was about baseball.... What a wonderful summer! But it's always good to be home. XO

barbara woods said...

love your airstream thanks for the pictures of your travels


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