August 15, 2014

She's Home Again...

I left home yesterday morning for my training in Venice. It had been thundering 
and clouding over nearly since I got up. I knew we were in for a day like those 
we've had all week, and eventually it would rain. I just hoped to get to training
and back without getting caught in a deluge. I was fortunate and got my wish.

I caught this picture while I was driving. There was one opening in the clouds and
 the light behind it was glorious and bright. I immediately thought of my friend.
Pam Lyons Wyka  (Sept. 15, 1960 - August 15, 2014)
 Around four o'clock, God reached through the clouds to take my friend home.
Shortly afterward, the Heavens opened and the rains began in earnest.
God had a new angel in his arms, and I believe He was weeping for joy.
Please hold Pam's family in your hearts and prayers as they try to come 
to terms with her passing. Her first doctor's appointment was July 22nd, 
and no one ever said "cancer" until Tuesday of this week...and then with 
an insanely short time frame. They had no time to process that she would 
be leaving, and before they could take a breath, their beloved wife, mother
and daughter was gone. I have lost a dear, sweet friend. They have lost
a piece of themselves. Their beloved is gone from them to wait with God.
  Please pray for them.

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Debra@Common Ground said...

I'm so sorry, Donna. sending you love and a big hug for your dear friend's passing, and prayers for her family.

Elsina said...

I am so sorry for your loss. You wrote her a beautiful tribute.
hugs, Elsina

Gloria M said...

Donna, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. This was so quick, it is truly hard to grasp even for us, the ones who were not acquainted with her. Maybe the timing of this will teach us all how to manage our time here on earth just a wee bit better, Take care of yourself, Peace, Gloria

Lesley UK said...

Donna, I'm so, so sorry about your friends. Please let her family know how many people she never met have her in their hearts and thoughts

Mary Ann said...

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. May God bless you and the loved ones of your friend.

Lesley said...

So sorry...

Sarah said...

Sad to hear of your loss, Donna.

Createology said...

May you know that your friend is no longer suffering. She is an angel in heaven and will watch over and protect now. Healing prayers for you and her family...

carolg said...

No words for such a profoundly sad thing. So very sorry, Donna.

ShirleyC said...

Still so sad! We are never prepared to lose our loved ones. Sending prayers for all.

TerriSue said...

Dearest Donna,
I am so sorry that you have lost your friend Pam. You are right it was terribly quick. The parting of the clouds, perhaps that was Pam going home. The rain, I am sure that was Abba weeping for all of Pam's loved ones left here grieving. Yes he delights to have her with Him. That does not mean he does not ache for those that she left behind. He knows their pain and grief and he has his hand on each and every head including yours. Donna you said you could not believe the difference in her from when you had left and when you came home. She is now out of all of that pain. She is with her Father. She will be there when the rest of you join her and her face will show no pain but will shine with glory. I will continue to pray for the rest of you.
I love you dear sister,

Patty said...

Donna, I just read this post, I am so sorry to hear of your friend's passing. Prayers to her family, my friend recently lost her husband to cancer with very little time to adjust to the diagnosis. We just joined her for breakfast this morning. She is coping by staying busy, it is a hard time for her as I know it must be for your friend's family. my thoughts and prayers are with you and them through this difficult time.


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