August 17, 2014

Weekend Images...

Our soggy front yard
It's rained nearly every day since we got back home. Sometimes, only for a
few minutes. Sometimes all day long. The result is a soggy front yard,
filled with noisy, croaking frogs at night who rest in the cool water all day.
We cut the grass as soon as the water recedes, because it will certainly rain any
second. If we don't, we have thick, knee-deep, mosquito-filled grass to cut. The
  jungle takes over. I swear, you can almost hear it grow on a warm, sunny day!
Our visitor
 When we took Tag out to explore the yard today, Handsome spotted this fella
in one of our pine trees. He was probably hunting for frogs, geckos or some other
water-logged critter. I managed to snap a picture of him, but he flew off crabbing at
me for disturbing his hunt. He sat in a tree on the next lot making a racket until we
turned and went into the house. We decided to let him get back to his own business.
A basketful of beautiful
I finished winding my tapes onto those gorgeous thread bobbins on Saturday, but
they looked so organized and pretty in my big basket. I just had to share a picture
with you before I sign off today. I'll be in the studio later to start something new.
First, I have to head to the laundromat. Seems our washer wants a visit from 
our repairman...and he won't come until the parts we need a week. 
Great news is that our extended warranty will even cover the costs for taking our 
laundry out to be cleaned. (Sure glad we got that extra coverage!) Cool, huh?
I've got my week organized and if there are no snags. I'm planning to get a lot
accomplished. I'll be taking pictures and sharing the process with all of you.
What do you have planned? Are you creating this week, or recharging for later?
I'd love to know.

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Jacque. said...

Morning, Donna! This week is all about doll clothes for me. I hope, anyway. Love the photos and especially your ribbon collection all wound up on those lovely spools. Have a great week.

carolg said...

Our kitchen reno starts today! Nice to have somebody else working around here for a change! And I am done with baby shower sewing and on to wedding accessory sewing! Have a great week!

Createology said...

To see your lush green lawn and know it is soggy from so much rain is just crazy...we are so dry and lawns in California are brown. If only we could split the difference and share just the right amount of rain for all. Love your spindles wrapped with beautiful tapes all happy in a basket. Had company over the weekend and preparing for more mid-week and a car club meeting of about 24 people here too. BBQ for the club. I will need a recharge after this week! Creative Bliss Dear...


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