August 29, 2014

Perhaps A Little Project...

 I'm enjoying just relaxing and spending time with Handsome and Tag. Just in
case I decide I'd like to work on something new, I've pulled two projects out of
my "To Do" Basket. (Yes. I do have a small basket I keep priority projects in.)
  One of the projects is a wool flag pincushion kit I purchased while in Wisconsin.
I could do all the handwork while sitting in my favorite chair. When that part is
finished, I'd just sashay into the studio to finish seaming it up on my new sewing
machine. It's not like I'd be working on a whole quilt.,,just a small pincushion.
Of course, a sweet, little autumn acorn pincushion would be appropriate.
Fall is right around the corner, and this would be just the perfect wee welcome.
I've been eyeing this wool tweed fabric project up for some time, too.
Tag went swimming yesterday afternoon. Then he spent the rest of the day
on his towel-covered bed, watching his pool. I caught his handsome profile 
when he wasn't looking. Right after I took this, I got the "disapproving Corgi"
look. Oh, well. You'd think the boy would be used to the camera by now.

Enjoy your Saturday. I have serious "nothing" on my list for today.

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hungryhippie said...

Love the pin cushion-what a sweet project that would make. And the "pinch of joy" spoon in the previous post makes me smile and feel grateful for this journey called life. ;) Have a restful weekend. XO

Kris said...

Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful weekend Donna, with your family!! It's been cooler than normal here in northern Utah during August and this morning, I think I felt a little autumn in the air!! I'll take Pollie for walks this weekend but I have lots of sewing that needs to be finished by next week!! Love your 2 little hand projects and the JOY measuring spoon is perfect!!

Createology said...

Somehow I just knew you would have needle and thread in your hands during your relaxing weekend. Such a sweet little wool acorn is perfect for your studio. Pinch of Joy Bliss Dear...
Tag looks deep in thought. Phabulous Photo!

TerriSue said...

My goodness, Tag has such a distinguished profile. What a little man.

Sharon Chapman said...

I am so glad you are spending time with Master Tag. His last blog post had you leaving him behind. I offered plane tickets for him...... LOL

Sharon said...

Love that handsome corgi boy!


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