August 27, 2014

A Pinch Of Joy...

We spent much of yesterday with our friends, Mike and Joann, again. It's wonderful
 being able to reconnect with old friends and share stories as we catch up on our lives. 
There's just something so comforting and joyful to be able to come from shared 
experiences. We can laugh about an old quote without needing to repeat the story 
behind it. It's nice to catch up on mutual friends as we make new memories.
The heart lace and card are from my beautiful friend, Sherry. Happy Birthday, hon!
I found this sweet measuring spoon while in Wisconsin. Now it hangs in the 
studio reminding me to add a pinch of joy to every single day. Handsome and I did 
that with our friends yesterday. We've already planned to see them again soon. 

Today I wish the same for you. I wish you a simple "Pinch of Joy" each day.

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Buttons said...

A little pinch of Joy goes a long way! Thank you for the reminder. That is a really sweet scoop! :)

Createology said...

Love the "Pinch of Joy" spoon to remind us all to add some joy to our days. Thank you for the birthday wishes my friend. I awoke to the sound of "Sheriff John" singing in my head...boy does that "date" me. Pinch of Joy Creative Bliss Dear...

TerriSue said...

Joy, what a wonderful thing. You can always have joy. Joy is an offshoot of following our Abba. There are days when happiness just eludes me no matter how I try. This has been such a rough year. But no matter what I hang on to the joy that Abba provides, period. If you let go of your joy, what do you have? Your little spoon is so sweet, and your time with your friends sounds so refreshing.


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