August 4, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - A Dandy Dog Walk...

Hi, Everybody!
I'm so happy to see you again this week. 

Today, I want to tell you about the best dog walk of any 
campground Mom, Dad and I went to while we were on vacation! 
 Remember when Mom told you about all the Airstreams that got
together at the Clanton/I-65/Dandy RV Park in Alabama? Well,
this is where I found the most interestin' place to take a stroll.
(I think it might even be a little enchanted!)

Would you like to see more?
OK, then. Here. Just follow me.
For starters, look at this fabulous trail for me to explore!
There's even a big lake (Mom says is full of fish) on the right side.
I was keepin' my eyes open for interestin' stuff.
Did you see what I saw in that last picture? Yup. I'm thinkin' "faeries", too.
I saw these interestin' bracket fungi (that's what Mom says they are) on the side
of this tree. They were almost down in the water. Mom kept me from gettin' too
close just in case they were poisonous. We don't want me stickin' my nose in those.
(Hey! I'm a poet and didn't even know it! hee hee)
We found this place, too. I'm not thinkin' faeries when I look here.
I'm thinkin' trolls! They like hidin' in dark places and lookin' at you
when they don't think you're watchin'. Mom and I know better. We 
decided not to pay any attention to 'em at all and just keep walkin'.
(They hate it when you do that. They think you should be payin' 
tolls to 'em and stuff. We're not havin' any of that nonsense!)

We just kept on strollin' and sniffin'...'cept for Mom. She just
walked along with me and pointed out cool stuff she found, too.
There's another purpose for the dog walks at campgrounds, you know. 
I doo it, and then Mom picks it up. Real glamorous, we know, but it's a job 
that's gotta get done...and no one wants to find that nasty stuff on the trail.
That's why it's important for us to make sure it's hauled back here (my job) 
and then disposed of in a container behind the signs. Gotta follow the rules!

So, there you have it. My favorite dog walk in the whole six weeks we were
away. If you like to camp and have a dog, take a trip to see this place for
yourself. I know we'll go back there for sure! It was really fun for all of us.

That's my adventure for this week. I'm back home now and it's been rainin'
since we got here. It's kind of nice, really. I like the sound of rain on our
tin roof. I think I'll curl up with a tasty sweet potato snack and relax. 

I'll see you again next week. 'til then, remember...
"Wag Like Ya Mean It!"

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Eleanor Mefford said...

Tag, I think this was your best yet!!! I just loved seeing you investigate all the secret places where faeries (or TROLLS) might be hiding. I know you are glad to be back home with your Mom and Dad! Eleanor

Createology said...

This was an excellent walk and thank you for sharing it. Faeries for certain...Trolls not so sure about them. You are one very neat and clean "pack it in...pack it out" camping Corgi. We finally had a little rain and it was glorious and so desperately needed here in Dry Drought California! Smooches Tag...


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