August 31, 2014

Relaxing On Labor Day...

"Gwendolyn" by pinkgloves2 on Etsy
First, I'm sharing this image because I love it. It makes me happy and reminds me
of the holsteins that used to graze in the fields next to our marsh (and sometimes
hide in our woods or visit our front stoop when they broke through their fences).
I may have to order it to hang somewhere in our home. I'm that enamored of it.

It also reminds me of our Labor Day Weekend parties. Before we moved south,
we hosted up to 250 friends and family members at our parties. Everyone brought
a small dish to pass, some brought rolls and/or soft drinks, and we supplied the
grilled meat (pork roasts and brats from our farmer friend up the road). Our sons
and their friends camped in our high ground woods...and there was always music!

One year there was karaoke, another time a jazz ensemble (Handsome on drums),
our younger son and his band played, and one year we even had a barbershop quartet!
There were volleyball games in one part of the yard, horseshoes in another area and
bocce ball or jarts on the hillside. Each year, the celebration got bigger and bigger.

I took photos each year and put them all into their own photo album. We have 
fifteen of those albums, beginning with the smallest gathering of about 15 people.

So many fond memories of summers past. We continue to make memories, but 
these will always remind of of special times with great people in Wisconsin.
 This year, there are no big gatherings, but the days are lovely just the same. I'm
blessed to have these days with my Handsome husband, local friends and Tag.
 I've been in the studio a bit this weekend, but have yet to complete any project, 
with the exception of replacing a broken zipper in a skirt. I have also done a little
work on the guild raffle quilt for 2016. (Didn't I say I would take a rest from guild
 quilts for a while? I'm not quite sure how this happened. More on that another day.)
The rest of my time has been spent with Handsome and Tag, and I'm going to 
continue that program for the rest of the day today. Nothing better I'd like to do.

I'm sure many of you will be back to work tomorrow, so enjoy your extra 
day off today. Have good fun and, if you're traveling, please stay safe.
Tag will be back with his post tomorrow...September 1st (already)!
Wishing you a Happy and Restful Labor Day!

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Createology said...

Donna this is a lovely post. Memories are cherished moments we savor. Enjoy your day with Handsome and Tag.

Cat said...

Sounds like some awesome memories!

Glad you are having a relaxing day today. That's a cute profile picture of Tag a couple posts back.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Thanks for sharing about your special memories. I too am enjoying these days with my sweet hubby. Check out my blog post today. I shared about our recent trip in our traveling cottage.


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