August 8, 2014

Studio Bliss...

 I spent most of the day - and part of the evening - in the studio yesterday. I
concentrated on fulfilling my "creative imperative". You know what I mean...
that feeling you get down inside that causes you to spend time doing that
which makes your soul sing. It doesn't matter what it is, but you have to do it.

I'm friends with Gladys Wright Moreno on FaceBook, and while on vacation,
I saw one of her beautiful projects I knew I'd have to try. She linked to her
tutorial, which I promptly viewed, and I was hooked. I only had to pick up
the wool I wanted at Primitive Gatherings - and then get back home to my
huge stash of ephemera to start one of my own. I planned it in my mind the
rest of the trip. (I'll share links to Gladys' blog and tutorial at the end of my post.)
I started with the various bits and bobs I showed you yesterday, but as I began
to play, I realized that my goal would not be to create another needlebook or 
sewing kit. Instead, I decided to create a memory book, of sorts, of the things
I love about Wisconsin...time spent in the woods and fields, our dogs, hunting...
You get the idea.
Queen Anne's Lace (or Cow Parsnip or Cow Parsley)
I began by stitching Queen Anne's Lace freehand for my first interior page.
I then joined the pages to the cover (per Gladys' instructions), and set about decorating
 each interior page. I fashioned a pocket from a piece of lace, and then I took two 
pheasant feathers I had saved from one of my last Wisconsin hunts prior to moving
 to Florida. (I stitched them into the pocket so they wouldn't fall out.)

 I also added the dog tag that belonged to my Labrador retriever, Bannor, who helped
me harvest that pheasant. Some of my best days outdoors were with my boy, who I still
 miss every, single day. I'll likely add his photo, perhaps on fabric, to the pocket, too.
I don't remember where I got the beaded star. It's vintage and labor intense. I
stitched it onto the wool using fine, silk thread. It represents the North Star, 
which you can't see here in our southern sky. I plan to stitch grass and fireflies
below it to remind me of those little, blinking lights which used to fill our marsh
on hot July evenings. I'm still thinking my way through the design for now.

I also added beaded flower trim to the half-flap...another nod to the plethora of 
wildflowers in the summer landscape. I think that will just stand alone, as is.
Mom Grace taught me how to make granny squares. I made this tiny one in #8 
pearl cotton. Not only will it remind me of her and the hours we spent together 
crocheting, it will remind me of the many afghans made by my grandmother that I 
still have and cherish. Grandma tried to teach me how to make a ripple afghan
and I just couldn't concentrate enough to master the pattern. I now know how to
make them, and she's probably smiling and wondering just what took me so long!

I haven't decided what else will go on this page, so I'll take my time with it. I'll
know when it's right, and then I'll finish that page. This could be an ongoing WIP.
  This is what I've done for the front. I had these ribbon flowers and decided
to use them over making my own. You're not surprised to see acorns are you?

Here are the links to Gladys' blog and tutorial for you. If you decide to try this,
I'd love to see what you create. Click HERE to link to her blog...and Click HERE to
view her YouTube "Vintage Needle Book" tutorial for the inspiration for my project.
Her needle books are gorgeous and she also sells them on Etsy under "Collectibles".
Finally, you can click HERE to visit her Etsy shop, gardenofedenlife1. Have
fun browsing her sites. I'm sure you'll agree, her creations will captivate you.

I'll be playing with this on and off all weekend. It's raining most of every
day, so this is just the perfect thing to occupy my time while indoors.
Have a great weekend!

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Leeanne said...

Your very own blissful paradise!

Jacque. said...

Oh. My. Gosh. First of all...why on earth would you direct us to such a sinfully delicious place? Good grief! It was difficult tearing myself away...and getting rid of the notion that I could learn how to do that stuff. haha! That has got to be the most ridiculously awesome work like that ever! LOVE what you're doing with yours! My mind doesn't work in that way at all. Greatly admire those who are able to that do! Have fun!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Such a lovely book of remembrance. Your work is always exquisite. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

Eleanor Mefford said...

I am just amazed, as I always am, at what you create and how beautiful it is. This one is stunning. Yours is one of the few blogs I read every day, partly because of Tag--you might remember I had a Corgi and am very partial to them, but also because of the precision and beauty of your work. It is exceptional; way, way outside the parameters of what we see as a general rule!!! I don't know if I'll try one of these or not; but I'm tempted. Thank you for sharing it with us. Eleanor Mefford,

Createology said...

This is such a beautiful and perfect way to incorporate little treasures so they are in one place and easily enjoyed at any time. Of course now I am following Gladys and her talents. Your creation is stunning dear. True Creative Bliss...


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