August 19, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - Hit The Road, Jack...

Hi, Everybody!
Well, I had to start my day by kickin' a little butt around this joint.
FIRST, 'cuz Mom...ahem...neglected to put up my post for today.
SECOND, 'cuz I was awakened from a perfectly great sleep this mornin'.
There was some fool dog outside, barkin' his skull off. I had to investigate.
When I looked out the front door of our house, I could see this dufus,
over on the other side of my driveway. He was lookin' up, and barkin'.
"What the heck, man? Dontcha know people are tryin' to get their beauty 
sleep around here? Ya got a permit for that racket your makin? sheesh!"
I put on my "lifeline" and headed out to investigate further.
 He was obviously barkin' at somethin' up one of my trees.
Stoopid Jack Russell. 

He's a mix who lives down the street from me, and his people don't keep 
him safe at all. He's always runnin' loose around the neighborhood.
(Guess I should really say, "Stoopid owners", right?)
I got down my driveway and looked into the marshy, wet stuff on that side of
our yard, and there he was. Up to his hoo-ha in water and tall grass, barkin'.
He didn't hardly even stop to look over at me. He was pretty focused.
Guess he was a man on a mission, ya know?
Mom walked around on the driveway until she could get a (sorta) decent shot
of what that fool hound was barkin' at, and there it was...big as you please...
a racoon.
Now, Mom and I know somethin' that apparently, neither the Jack Russell
nor the raccoon know yet. That raccoon could seriously kick that dog's butt!
Lucky for them, they're both in the dark about that little tidbit of information.
Anyway, "Jack" wasn't too pleased with his audience, and we weren't too pleased
with the racket, so without us sayin' a single word, he decided to turn tail and
vamoose! That's fine with us. We'd like to eat our breakfast in peace, after all.
I guess it's just another excitin' day in Paradise, ya know? 

Sorry that this adventure arrived a little late today. I'm gonna have to
bonk Mom on the head on Monday nights from now on. Don't worry.
I'll be gentle. She's the one who feeds me after all. (Well, dinner anyway. 
She's usually still snorin' when Dad gives me my breakfast! hee hee 
Don't tell. I don't wanna get in trouble for spillin' family secrets.)

You've GOT to be kiddin' me. That mutt is back in my yard again!
I can hear him barkin' from our livin' room. I'd better get back out
there and make sure he goes home now. This is gettin' ridiculous.

After all, Rocky (I just named the raccoon), probably wants to go
to bed after a night of raidin' our garbage cans. He can't do that while
 Knucklehead is keepin' him up that tree! Time to send the dog packin'.

I gotta run. Work to do before I can take my "after-breakfast" nap.
 I'll be back next week. 'til then...
"Bark Like Ya Mean It!"
(I know I will!)

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Createology said...

That is one very big racoon. They can be quite aggressive when they want to be. Peace and quiet over loud dog barking any day is what I prefer. Our "stoopid" neighbors have a little dog that is obnoxious and likes to bark. They aren't bothered with it because they are gone! Keep Mom on schedule Tag Dear...

Sharon said...

You and your mom are quite a team, Tag! Enyoyed your post.

Pat said...

Tag sorry to hear that you were so rudely awakened. I hope the rest of the day is peaceful and you stay away from that Racoon.

carolg said...

Tag, you are so brave and fearless! You are my hero. XXOO Quinn

Shirley said...

Tag, you are a great guard dog and knowing what is around in your neck of the woods. I use to see the Raccoon quite often in my yard before all of the houses got built up around me. The dog I hear at night and the only time he barks is when something or someone is close to his house. You won't bonk momma because you love her to pieces, Right. I am spending some me time with you on my birthday. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Kris said...

Oh, my, Tag!! I think this is your very best post yet!! You had me laughin' so hard I started snortin'!! I hope you put that Stoopid dog in his place before your after breakfast nap!! I mean really . . . the nerve!! Thanks, Bud for a great laugh!!

Jacque. said...

Barking dogs can be such a nuisance. Glad you took care of things. xo

Lesley UK said...

Hi Tag, We were all very worried about you. I'm glad you're still the same feisty character as you always are. Blessings


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