August 5, 2014

First Things First...

I can't play in the studio yet. I have other obligations that require my attention.
I'm laundering the bed linens from the Flying Cloud, and putting our second
guest room back in order (since the studio remodel). This part isn't much fun.
But that doesn't mean that I can't dream about those projects I want to get back
to stitching. I have prepared more little squares of Moda™ Plum Sweet fabric,
just waiting for me to sew them into that sweet hexie shape for future projects.
  I also have more paper piecing to do so that I can complete this mini quilt.
The colors in this kit make me smile. I think they're such happy colors!
It's also on my Top Five list of projects I want to finish - soon.
I went to Paneras last night to see the ladies. I really missed all their happy faces.
Krisann, who is a certified massage therapist, texted me in the afternoon offering
to give my hand some of her special brand of TLC. (Remember, I fell first week
in Wisconsin? Yup. That hand.) Of course, I eagerly accepted her generous gift.
(BTW-It's nice to know that nothing is broken. It's just taking its time healing.)

I took my "Ewe-nique Bag" along to show that I'd finished at least one project
while traveling, and I could see that Krisann really admired it. She massaged my
hand for about an hour (it feels soooo much better now), and before I left to head
home, I gave it to her. She was surprised...and tickled. She asked, "How did you
know I wanted it?" I smiled and hugged her and told her I could tell. I was so glad
 to be able to give this gift, knowing ahead of time how much it was appreciated.

So, now you know another project on my list. I want to make at least one more 
bag for myself - and perhaps a few others to tuck away as gifts. If I can just get 
my chores finished!!! Then I can get back into the studio (where I belong).

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Jillayne said...

Welcome home Donna! I hope your hand healssoon and that you can get your"chores" done and out of the way - I'm sure your new studio is calling you!

Createology said...

I am not surprised in the least that you gave your Wooly cute bag to Krisann. That's how generous nd kind you are! Thankfully your hand will now be able to heal and feel better after her loving massage. Chores will always get done my dear. Do take time to enjoy your August days...


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