August 14, 2014

Busy Work...

All I did was run yesterday. It began in Sarasota, spending a little time with my
friend. A few of us met at her home and visited to let her know she's in our hearts.

These things are never easy, but this has happened too quickly. She only began to
feel bad about two months ago, which started the whole testing process. She 
found out the cause of her discomfort two days ago. She's only fifty three years old, 
and her next Birthday is only a month away...a Birthday she's not likely to celebrate 
with her family. Neither she nor her family have had any preparation for all this
devastating news. They're all in shock and trying to come to terms with it, and 
while all of her friends are trying to support her and her family, we're also trying
to find some strength and understanding. We're all relying on faith to carry us.

I finished a graphic design job that had a deadline this week and forwarded it to my
 client. Then, I had an online course to take to meet my requirements for ongoing 
inspector training to work for our county election board. We have (another) new 
system for our state primary elections later this month, and there is a necessary
two-part training if I want to work this election cycle. By finishing the online portion,
I was cleared to attend the hands-on training today to complete my certification.
After I returned home from seeing my friend, and completed that "Must Do" 
list, I found myself at loose ends. Of course, I went into the studio to see if I
could find a little motivation to start a new project, but my mind wouldn't settle.
  Instead, I decided to pull out the stack of vintage thread bobbins I recently bought.
Nothing like an "organizing project" to occupy my hands and calm my mind.
I call it "busy work".  (Sometimes it's the best way to keep moving forward.)

I didn't get all my beautiful tape and ribbons wound yet, but that's alright. I'll
go for my classroom training today and when I get back, I'll finish this job. Then,
 I think I'll choose one of my Longaberger™ baskets to display them. Perhaps 
if they're nice and handy, I'll be inspired to use them in upcoming projects. 
Thank you, my friends, for all your kind comments and prayers. It means so much
to know that my friend, her family and those of us who love her are remembered
 in your petitions. I know that He hears and covers us all with His love and grace.

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Createology said...

Oh life is so unfair and we must enjoy every minute we have. Prayers continue at this very difficult time. We have a friend who is about this same age and just found out she has maybe three weeks.
Your "busy work" is a blessing. Beautiful spindles and ribbons/trims. Use the good stuff dear. Hugs and Blessings...

Gloria M said...

Hi Donna, prayers continue for you, your friend, and her family. Love, love, your beautiful ribbons and tapes. Please take care doing all the busy work, you are on my mind a lot these days, Peace be with you dear, Gloria

Mandy said...

My thoughts remain with you, your dear friend and her family.


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