August 22, 2014

Not To Be Left Out...

Handsome accepted my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge yesterday!

I'll let the video speak for itself, except to say, I really loaded that bucket with 
fresh ice while he was talking to the camera. You'll laugh at my failed attempt 
to sneak behind the waterfall after I started the camera. I wanted to crop myself 
out, but he's convinced it's one of the funniest parts of the video. It stays.
Direct link:

I was asked yesterday if there is also a link for donating to DM research. After 
asking some of my Corgi friends who they thought the best research facility is, and
doing a little research of my own, I can share the information with all of you.
Funds can be donated directly to research conducted at the University of Missouri,
 College of Veterinary Medicine, specifying that the funds go to Dr. Joan Coates 
for the work she's doing. You can click here to read more about her and her work. 
She is also collaborating closely with Dr. Timothy Miller at Washington University in
St. Louis on a drug therapy project to benefit ALS patients. It's my sincere prayer that
 the work being done in both facilities will ultimately find a cure for both diseases.

Have fun with Handsome's video. He sure made me laugh when I watched it...
and I'm even good for a little giggle, too. Can you tell I was having fun?
By the way, The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised a whopping
$53.3 MILLION in only 25 days! 
That's pretty incredible, don't you think?

Thanks again for reading all the way to the end of this post.

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Jacque. said...

It is amazing, indeed! Love your two videos.

Kris said...

LOLOLOLOL ROFL!! Great video and I really think Handsome was totally surprised!! Good job, both of you!! :-))

Gloria M said...

That was very, very cold, straight from the heart!!!

Createology said...

Oh you two know how to have all the fun and giggles! Great job from both of you on taking the challenge and donating. Also thank you for the info on DM to donate to. Saturday Fun For All...

Elsina said...

Wow way to go! Kudos!

Indigo Blue said...

Brilliant! Your husband is a good sport to do this and the creeping behind the fountain had me on tenderhooks waiting for the bucket . We are doing the same in the UK for a Cancer Research organisation.

What next?
Take care

barbara woods said...

i saw , you'll did great

laurajane said...

so funny, had to watch it twice.
Well done both of you for taking part in the challenge.x

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

One of the best I've seen, Donna! You two are hilarious.


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