August 3, 2014

Back Among The Pines and Palms...

We finished our trip on Saturday afternoon. There was an excitement as we drove
the final corner onto our street and then into our driveway. We were home! Even
Tag recognized that we were somewhere familiar. He stood up in the back seat so
he could see out the windows, and was bouncing around by the time we stopped.
(I've always wondered just how our dogs know when we're getting close to home.)

We spent the rest of Saturday afternoon and Sunday emptying out what I refer 
to as "trip specific" items from the Flying Cloud. By mid-afternoon Sunday, the 
cabinets were tidy and the floors were all washed. Everything is back in order, 
awaiting our next adventure. If the rain stops, we'll wash the outside today and 
park her in her stall near the back of our property. She has her own little spot!

The camper "parking place" is perfect for sitting and reading a book or sipping 
a cup of tea as we plan our next outing. Tucked in the trees, it feels like its own 
quiet, little getaway. (No Calgon needed! lol) Tag enjoys the Cloud so much that 
we actually had to bribe him ("Let's go swimming!") to get him to leave the 
camper. I'm sure he'll join me in "his" spot whenever we spend more time there.
My studio, on the other hand, is a lot less ready for me to spend any time there
yet. I have boxes and bags all over right now from the trip. It's hard for me
to believe that I actually took all this goodness along with me. Oh, wait. There was
that trip to the Fox River Valley quilt shops with my quilting girlfriend, Kathy...
and that trip to Beaver Dam to Nancy's Notions. I now have my new sewing 
machine to unbox and set up in the studio. This is going to take a while, for sure.

We're all glad to be back home together. I'll see my girlfriends at Paneras on 
Tuesday and a guild Board meeting on Wednesday. I'm going to get to my tasks
now. The sooner I finish my "Must Do" list, the quicker I can get to my "Fun 
To Do" list. I have a lot of incentive, don't you agree? No time to waste!
Have a great Monday (and week), my friends. 
I hope you find time for something you love to do, too. 

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Jacque. said...

Home is always the best place to matter what. Lots to unpack...but fun stuff...YAY! Have a great week.

Createology said...

Traveling is wonderful however there is something so comforting about being home. My Grandma loved to sit in her little Shasta trailer and have lunch or play cards or just "get-away". You will be busy in your new studio with sew many goodies to incorporate. Blissful Summer Swimming Season...

Lesley UK said...

I'm so happy that you and and handsome and tag had a safe journey. Please.please say a prayer for me.I so much want to adopt a cat that really needs a home, but pleasefor some reason my DH doesn't want to know. I'm having sleepless nights,knowing that this cat needs a home, and Ican give it to him. Please.please say a prayer so that I can rescue him It hurts me that I can't give him a cuddle and give him some love. Please please +, I don'tknow what youcan do,but I need to get this cat that's in an animal shelter

Minimiss said...

Welcome home all of you. It's been great following your travels.


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