August 19, 2014

Staging Fabrics For The Week...

NOTE: This post originally appeared yesterday (Tuesday). I was reminded 
by The Corgi, that I had neglected to put up his "Tuesdays With Tag" post. 
Sooo, I took this one down, put up his TWT post and moved this one to today.
Apologies for any confusion. Corgi is happy again. All is right with the world. 
I've pulled three different fabric assortments together for my next project(s).
Time to make more Classmate organizers!

My favorite personal Classmate went to live with my pal, Carol of Serendipity, 
so I need to make a new one just like it. She was so smitten with mine, that
 I had to relent and let her have it. I know just how much she appreciates it, too.

So, I've chosen the exact same fabrics, and when I'm finished we'll have matching
pieces! I'm going to have to make another sewing machine cover to match, too.
This is the assortment I've chosen for two other organizers I'll be making.
One will use the lilac print, sewing tools print and the green fabric for binding.
The other will use the lilac print, text print and purple fabric for binding.
I'm thinking that I'll make little zippered bags out of the plaid fabric.

These are a few of those fabrics that I've been "saving". If you sew or quilt,
you know what I'm talking about, girlfriends. If you're not careful, they migrate
to Permanent Stash status...those fabrics you never want to cut into or use.
I have too many fabrics to be stingy with them, so I'm just going to take a deep
breath, roll my rotary cutter and snip, snip scissors into these. Use 'em up, I will!
Last winter, I made an organizer in this fabric for my friend, Fay. She and I 
both love French General fabrics, so I made hers with this assortment.  In fact,
I liked that organizer so much, I'm going to make it again...maybe for myself.

I'll be opening up my assembly line again...fusing stabilizer and batting, 
cutting and assembling. It will be a repeat of my process for Christmas 2013. 
It takes just as much physical effort, but doing the same thing over and over 
makes for less brain work. I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be fun, in fact!

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Lesley UK said...


Carol at Serendipity said...

Good Morning my friend. You are so right as I do love that classmate I begged you for!!!

We are back and I have to pack up my sewing until we can unpack them in the new house!


sunny said...

Very pretty fabrics. Is Tag okay?

Gloria M said...

I really enjoyed the article and those fabrics are beautiful, love those lilacs. Is Tag alright, or maybe just sleeping in. Tell him his readers certainly missed him today.

Jacque. said...

Tag and I fully expected to see Tag. But, looking at fabric is a treat, too. Those are some wonderful prints for your projects. Have a great day!

sunny said...

I hope you understand that we enjoy your posts, too, but we've come to expect Tag on Tuesdays. Very pretty fabric!

Createology said...

Gorgeous fabrics. I haven't made mine from your pattern I purchased and really want/need to be organized. Wish I could be in your "class" while you are creating yours. Today we have overnight company arriving and this evening an entire group of people coming for a BBQ and our hot water heater is not working! Stress be gone and calm please take over...


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