August 12, 2014

Yoko Saito and My Japanese Fabric Stash...

These two books have been on my mind for weeks. The book on the left was a 
surprise gift from Quinn's mom, Carol. It's Yoko Saito's "Scandinavian Quilts"
in the Japanese version. It's full of photos and patterns, and I can't wait to make
something from it. Thank you, dear Carol, for gifting me with this beautiful and
generous book. I can't wait to show you (and all my friends) what I plan to make first!

The book on top is called "Strolling Along Paths of Green", and is a perfect book
for this Nature Girl! I page through both of these books and dream of long walks
through woodlands and across wide open fields of wildflowers. Paging through
them is a restful and inspiring process, and I'm anxious to start creating from them.
No. These aren't shelves in a local quilt shop. They're closeup images from my
own studio. The folded fabrics are some of the fabulous, gorgeous, glorious
fabrics I purchased in Wisconsin from Primitive Gatherings last month. I had 
 one of the books with me so that I could choose what I needed to make a few
a lot of the projects within its pages. I purchased with specific pieces in mind.
More Japanese fabrics. Same shopping trip. See the peachy fabric on the upper
right hand corner of the stacks? I was tickled to find that. I know just how I'll use it.
I do have two different shades so that I can make this lovely zippered pouch.
This is the first project I'm going to tackle from the book! (Start small and grow.)
I see so many possibilities in these stacks.
I don't intend to create an entire this point. I'm leaving my options open.
You'll see pieces of royal purple wool here, too. That's also for a specific project.
I'm constantly awestruck by Yoko's choices in subtle color variations, combined
with her use of textured and patterned fabrics. I'm going to savor every second
handling, planning and sewing with all of them to create my finished pieces.

I see many joyful days in the studio - and stitching from my favorite chair - ahead.

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Jacque. said...

oh WOW! Both books and all that lovely fabric...gonna be fun for you and really awe-inspiring for the rest of us. Have fun!!

Createology said...

I am peaceful just reading your post and seeing all your beautiful fabrics and laces so perfectly arranged and ready for your stitching. Amazing projects. Creative Bliss Dear...

carolg said...

Gotta keep the in laws happy! :-) can't wait to see the outcome!


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