February 6, 2014

Silly BooDilly Beads...

 One of my goals in writing my posts is to provide inspiration, but many
 times, I'm the recipient, rather than the donor. Today is one such instance.

A number of years ago, I read about making fabric beads using plastic
drinking straws as the foundation. I wrapped and glued scrap fabric
around the plastic core and then further embellished with fancy fibers.
 I enjoyed sitting for hours and playing with colorful scraps...remnants 
from knitted projects or sewn creations. Many, many beads resulted.
Study in fabric and fiber on painted canvas
 What did I do with them, you ask?

Well, this is one of the projects I made. This one went to a sister 
who adores the color purple. I painted a canvas, and then I created
a fabric and bead panel and affixed it to the canvas. I really had no
 idea what I was doing, but I felt a true sense of freedom as I just 
played and waited to see where I was carried by my creative muses.
Closeup of bead section
 I was really happy with the result, and my sister loved
it. Each bright coral bead held a special significance, 
and I even added a sterling silver heart charm, too.

I still have my plastic box full of beads, but I may
never use them. I have a new inspiration...
Image from The Silly BooDilly blog
Victoria at The Silly BooDilly blog makes these gorgeous beads
by the hour. She actually threads hers onto ribbons or chains and
wears them! I have something else in mind that I will work on as we
travel in the Flying Cloud. I think they're the perfect portable project.

I went to her Etsy shop and purchased her pattern, so I could learn 
her technique. It's a pdf download, so I had the instructions in no time.

I'm really looking forward to playing with beads again this year.
They'll be a perfect way to use up lots of scraps...inches at a time!

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Jacque. said...

I love everything she does...those beads are something, aren't they? Have fun!

Createology said...

Your beaded canvas is beautiful. Fabric Beads are such fun and they will be a wonderful portable Flying Cloud project. Victoria's beads are very intricate and special. I shall be very curious for your bead reveals. Blissful Beading Dear...

carolg said...

Eeekkk! I cannot wait to see what you come up with! Sadly, I'm on a "no new projects until others are finished up" moratorium.


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