February 11, 2014

Sharing A Few Quilt Tops...

 Susan finished this quilt top Monday afternoon. She can really whip out
some beauties in a short period of time. I'm really in awe of her speed!
 These are the gorgeous colors and prints Alice chose for her quilt.
She later added black sashing to create a really stunning contrast.
 There are FIVE Donnas at this retreat...and one Dawna. Whenever anyone
 calls "Donna", all of us look up. It's become a joke. The Donna who sits
 closest to me has been churning out kids quilts like there's no tomorrow.
This modified pinwheel quilt is the fifth top she's made since arriving
 at the hotel. I know there will be a lot of happy kids receiving them.
This was my progress by Monday afternoon. It's finished as of yesterday 
morning, but I didn't get a picture of it yet because there were other quilts
set up on the stage so I couldn't lay it out. I'll post a picture tomorrow so
 you can see what it looks like. It's already scheduled to go to Kathy's longarm.

 I have a special idea for the back of the  quilt to do first, and I'll put that 
together when I get back home. I'm really happy with  the way it turned 
out and it is filled with symbolism from a well-known song. More tomorrow.

We spent the day in the ballroom today and I nearly finished the last of my
tablet cases. A few velcro pieces to sew down and then they'll also go to the
"Done" pile. The quilt top took much longer than any of us who did one
expected, so I finished less than I planned. I'm not complaining. I have a
finished quilt and my quilt show boutique items will be ready to hand in, too.

I met many great gals, and a few new friends. I can't wait to introduce you to one
of those quilters on Friday. Believe me, you won't want to miss seeing her work.
One thing I've learned is that I still have much to learn!

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Lesley said...

Sounds like a very fun and productive retreat! Thanks for the show and tell!

Gloria M said...

Good Morning Donna, What a nice retreat. Looks like everyone worked very hard to accomplish their goals. Love the shades chosen in those quilts. Take care and have a safe trip home.

Createology said...

Amazing amount of sewing and quilting and finishing at this retreat. I do hope there has been lots of chatting and giggling and snacking too. Safe travels home to Handsome and Tag...

hungryhippie said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I can't believe there were so many Donnas and Dawna! LOL!!! Loving that purple mountain top quilt, can't wait to hear about it once you have your backing on. How are you going to "quilt" it? The suspense! :D xoxo


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