February 26, 2014

Oh, It's So Nice To Be With You...

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 Yesterday afternoon and evening were spent in Naples, FL with 
friends. We visited the sun away and then shared a meal together
before Handsome and I thanked our hosts and turned for home.

Tag spent the entire time with his pal, Stout and was ready to come home 
with us when we got back to North Port. It was a well-spent day for 
everyone involved, and we look forward to a repeat in the near future.
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 Tag and I will head to Sarasota early today for his annual dental appointment 
with his favorite vet, Dr. Lantry. He'll be in top form to schmooze all his 
girlfriends in Dr. Lantry's office. They have a mutual love fest going on.

Me? I'll be a "Nervous Nellie" until he's back home with me. I get 
nervous whenever my Corgi goes under sedation. It's a residual thing
from my last sad experience with Fezzik, but I'll be fine as long as I
keep busy and don't sit around fretting about things. I'll be alright, tho'.

I'll return home after dropping him off so I can play in the studio. That will
 help a lot. I have pictures to take so that I can show you what I learned at
retreat, but I'll head to Sarasota as soon as they call to tell me he's ready.

Be sure to come back tomorrow so I can share my project with you.
(And a little prayer for Tag would be appreciated, too.)

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Lesley UK said...

prayers and fingers crossed for Tag. luv Lesley

Jacque. said...

I understand your concern...and will say a prayer for Tag. Looking forward to seeing what you have to show.

Createology said...

Prayers for both You and Tag Donna Dear. What is that tiny little keyring heart pouch? Play and Stitch today my friend...

Patty said...

Prayers for the boy, I'm sure everything will be fine. Enjoy your play time in the meanwhile.

Minimiss said...

Anybody having their teeth attended to requires a prayer. Thinking of you both.

Minimiss said...

Anybody having their teeth attended to requires a prayer. Thinking of you both.


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