February 24, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - AaaaaChoooo...

Hi, Everybody!
I know many of my girlfriends live where there is so much snow it would
even bury the BIG dogs. Here, in south Florida, we're up to my belly with
another kind of driftin'. I'm hopin' the darn stuff doesn't give me allergies!
We are surrounded by slash pines in our neighborhood, and on my
property, the trees make for little forests all around our house. It's
great for privacy, but this time of year I can't walk outside without
traipsin' through piles of this lime-green, sticky, powdery pollen.
It's everywhere! Look what I found yesterday.
 Pollen tracks on my front screen door! Oh, great.
It even sticks to little lizard feet, and I can see where they've
been runnin' and makin' a mess. More pollen for Mom to clean up.
When Mom and I walked out to my pool today, there was green on everythin'! 

There was pollen on the bricks and pollen on the chairs.
We had pollen on our little grill and even the pool stairs...
and when I tried to lie down, there was pollen in my hair!

Hee hee. I'm a poet and didn't even know it.
(Sorry. There I go again!)
Good thing Miss Stacey is comin' over today. She and Mr. Rich take
care of our pool and they'll make sure the pollen gets cleaned up.

Mom and Dad don't like havin' a green scum line in our water, and 
they're the pros at makin' sure our pool is the best lookin' one in the county.
If you really want to see Mom flip out. Just see the look on her
face when she walks past the table in our lanai! Whooooeeeeeee!
She started growlin' and complainin' all over again.
Do you get stuff like this where you live? All I know is, we're prayin' for
lots of rain these days. It's the only thing that will wash away all the pollen
 on the ground - and wash it out of the trees - so it doesn't cover our cars again.

After the rain comes, Mom and I will have to spend a couple of days washin' 
floors and cleanin' up all the lawn furniture again. It's a real bummer, I tell ya!

That's all the news in my neck of the (poopy green) woods. I'll see what other
interestin' adventures I can dig up for next week (and dig I will!). 'til then...
"Wag Like Ya Mean It!"

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Shirley said...

Hi Tag, When Spring comes we will have the pollen and for the allergy suffers they will be achoo-ling. I am achoo-ling because of a cold. We have weird weather with all of the temperature changes. Shorty, who is my grandsons looked like a jack rabbit when we had the deep snow. Have a great day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Createology said...

Hi Tag in yucky green pollen land. Yes. We live in the forest of every kind of pollen (pine) trees. A lovely shade of yellow will rain from the skies and leave a messy allergy laden miserable few months for us very soon. We already had something earlier this year due to the warmth we have had. I had to begin allergy meds early. Those lizard tracks are too funny. Where is my little buddy the Gieco Gecko? Have you seen him? I am certain you are lots of cleaning help for mom. Ah Choo...Bless You! Smooches and Happy Tails...

annie said...

Tag, so sorry you're havin' a dose of green like this. Here it's brown mud everywhere from melting snow, and heavy rains that run rivulets through the play yard. After that there will be millions of brown sycamore balls that burst open sending seeds everywhere. Then you follow that up with strings of brown oak blooms that hang around like spiderwebs. Last but sure not least is all the helicopter seeds from the maples that blow in your face for days whenever you try to sniff the air. No fun for a sweet pooch like you. This Winkie girl lives a dog's life here. But you take the good with the bad.
At least all that will be better than the gray brown stink bugs that will descend like the scorpions in the book of Revelation. Phew! They even get in your dog dish, not rest for the weary, and the wicked sure don't need none. Without us those, these Mom people would never survive it, so I guess a dog's work is never done! Bark On!


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